Zilliqa Coin Explained | Why It May Continue to Grow At (2018 and beyond)

Zilliqa is a next generation blockchain project that focuses on high speed and smart contracts development. The main feature of this new blockchain is high …


  1. Hello,
    I'm a huge fan of your posts and do follow you.
    Recently i have invested in Netleaders, a Singapore company dealing in Crypto currency and building complete Ecosystem.

    I did purchased tokens, which are now traded as DASC, i.e. DASCOIN.

    As mentioned in video for Zilliqa, Netleaders too quto they have partnered with Mastercard and Visa for token fungibility.

    Kindly enlighten us in your way about the Ecosystem, consensus, future.

    Thanks, looking forward towards more enlightenment.

    Regards, Dhaval Gandhi

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