xRapid To Launch “Next Month”, From Ethereum To EOS And “Embrace Bitcoin”

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  1. Hey Mr Mod, it's ty the white guy here (my other channel) Congratulations on 💯 thousand Subscribers. I have been here on my other channel since 1k subs man it's amazing to see you have done it! You made it I new you would, keep it up

  2. There's news for EOS every single day… to the point that I literally need to sign out of my telegram… EOS has Block Producers, people who have projects live, people who have projects coming soon and people like myself who are learning C++ to start dapps on EOS. Please make note that ever since EOS came out NO ONE has been sitting around. There are so many updates with the platform that it is truly overwhelming. The community is strong and always supporting each other. EOS has become the most used blockchain with less than 3 months of being live. I literally beg you to look into EOS with more depth, thank you TMI.

  3. Good for Zimbabwe, I hope this outlook benefits them in the long run. Same can be said for other parts of Africa as well as South East Asian countries. There's going to be a drastic leapfrog effect for multiple underdeveloped countries over the next decade. Whether it be crypto, solar power or education, we're going to see innovation in these countries like never before.

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