WTH Is Cambridge Analytica & Why It Matters, Austin Bombings, And The Ninja Twitch Switch…

Happy Monday! We have a lot to talk about so let’s just get started, shall we? 😉 Thanks SeatGeek for sponsoring the video! Get $20 off tix w/ code PHIL: (Restrictions…


  1. Twitch has split from Justin TV because they wanted purely gaming content on the site. Now it's becoming Justin TV again with all the IRL and podcast crap. Why not use YT live for that shit?

  2. Just to be clear the Councilman said that it was the Rothschilds who controlled the weather not specifically that they were Jewish or that it is all Jews who can control the weather. Saying anything critical about a person should not be construed as an attack on others so I don't see this as Anti-Semitic. That said, I still think the Councilman is batshit crazy.

  3. Honestly? White just seems like a misinformed idiot. Sounds like he saw a conspiracy, figured it could be legit, and didn't look further into its meaning. Plus blatantly saying and posting that video. He clearly didn't know it could be taken badly.

  4. How is weather manipulation a "conspiracy theory" when there are decades old patents of actual technology and government documentation stretching back to the 50's/60's that were released years ago ? Phil, I'm surprised that you didn't even do a Google search let alone proper research (or did you because it is telling that you didn't specifically state it wasn't possible or wasn't true, just that it is a conspiracy theory )

  5. I don't see how his comments were anti-semetic. He mentioned the Rothchilds, but didn't mention anything about their religion or judaism in general. That being said, he's still fuckin crazy for believing people can control the weather….

  6. BORING BORING BORING – I only clicked onto this because the first thing on your heading was Cambridge Analytica but it appears you have a different agenda to push until I get to that story???  Do you get your ideas from our revolting mainstream media??????

    With regard to the conspiracy theory about weather – how do we know – it might be true???  Personally I think changes in our weather are linked to climate change & that is linked to greedy irresponsible oil companies & that is linked to our corporate controlled govt & that is linked to media who not making the demise of our entire species by irresponsible govts a big enough issue.

    The bombings – well they're related to your culture – that doesn't seem to be able to move past vindictive violence against good people doing good things, by bigots in power & all those who blindly follow them.  I'm referring of course to Salem Witch Trials, War on Terror etc

  7. As a fulltime streamer and also a viewer on twitch I have some opinions. There is already a lot of garbage on twitch which is why there are new community guidelines. So sure he is gonna bring a lot more people to twitch but how many of them are gonna look around for other streamers? Or are they all logang and just gonna show up when he is streaming to,spread their toxicity. But I also think everyone should try streaming. Its fun amd building a community is more like building a family because you spend real time with them daily chatting and getting to know them. I just hope he follows the rules and maybe learns something about his audience in all this.

  8. Maybe I'm missing something but all he said was the storm was weather manipulation. To control markets. To attack one is not to attack all of a race. Did we forget about Vietnam? Controlling weather isn't out of reach. Infact it seems pretty simple really. I might be missing something though. Feel free to educate me.

  9. FB didn't do enough. They need to do a better job at protecting information. That a company only needs accepting from one person to access the information of 300 others is not okay.

  10. I know you're trying to appeal to a broader audience but wtf is with the not "thoughts and prayers" troupe but a "thoughts and well wishes" crap… Maybe it's semantic , however, I just feel as if it rings hollow in light of the rapid rejected notion of "Merry Christmas" in favor of the "Happy Holidays" bullshit.

  11. Is it automatically anti-semitic to believe in/talk about a conspiracy theory that mentions the Rothschilds, a wealthy family that happens to be jewish? is it anti-semitic because the fact that the conspiracy includes jewish people and plays into "jewish people are greedy and control everything" stereotype? Is it because the conspiracy stems from the stereotype? Not being facetious, genuinely curious…

  12. dude didn't say shit about Jews he said something about the Rothschilds and i think him agreeing with conspiracy theories is his right phil I'm normally with you but not this time

  13. Phil, you're losing me… Is there something inherently wrong with believing in a conspiracy theory that MAY be true? A theory of conspiracy just shows that someone has the ability to think outside of a box, most would have stay within. Also, I hope most of your listeners understand that making a criticism against the Rothschild family, is in no way an anti-sematic criticism. That would be like, if someone thinks the Jacobs family is ruining the neighborhood, it's a anti-black criticism. Didn't think the Rothschild family were the representatives of Jews. That's all.

  14. The problem isn't how he said it confidently, it's the fact that you and other people deflect the issue to just being anti-Semitic. Notice how he only blamed the rothschilds not "every jew" as for the conspriracy theories instead of dismissing them as anti-Semitic why not look in to it and prove that it's false. Cause apparently they have proof the rothschilds have been funding both sides of the wars, among other things.

    edit: apparently believing in conspiracy theories is 100%wrong and they should not exist? Any credible evidence to back that up, lets start with disproving the rothschilds backing both sides of the war. Funny how it's not up for debate, also funny that you haven't mentioned anything about FB normalizing pedophilia…

    Just wondering, Is there a reason you won't touch this story? Because it's very important especially when conspiracy theorists think they want to normalize pedophilia…








    Or even more recently them trying to normalize everyone being cannibals.



  15. i think facebook was in the wrong place in the wrong time and got tangle in the 3rd parties crap. now facebook its trying to fix it. i think facebook is innocent, we all knew were all used 3d prty apps on facebook giving them permission to snoop in our friends list, profiles, pictores and more. so if somebody is to blame for accepting those cool meme and more app of 3rd party developers request, is us… but lets hope facebook now take full control of 3rd party apps and there security. and maybe next time this wont happen.

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