Our life is going to change and impossible to know now in what way, it definitely will provoke people to have less!! BITCOIN may start the rally from mid October.


  1. There are thousands of indictments against powerful people in the business and politcal arenas ready to be served and they have to do with pedephile and trafficking criminality!!! SAG Jupiter, CAP Saturn & Pluto plus Uranus in Taurus > justice for women & children who have been abused/sacrificed by the evil…

  2. Don't worry about the views. They will come after the enlightening this December through May. Your interpretations and calculations are actually very on point. For those who say otherwise, they are the ones who do not know anything about any metaphysical world. Let them be and they will have to see on their own.

    Good interpretation on Sagittarius, Scorpio, and especially cancer.

  3. Osher you are making a good work change is very difficult to take people always denie the change the wise ones that see the change and embrece them are the ones Who thrive in the new paradigma
    Best Regards from México

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