Will Litecoin and Bitcoin Break the Lows of Early February 2018? Critical Moments in Crypto

We are about to determine what the next few weeks could look like for cryptocurrency, depending on how the market and manipulation play out at these critical levels, testing the lows of early…


  1. Whatever Tyler, I’m not worried at all. I’m just Hodling whatever happens dude. If the price keeps dropping I’m a just keep buying. Prefer to stop buying though and watch the price just skyrocket to tha Moooooooooooon!!!😄🚀🌔

  2. LTC price decrease is due to your head floating. LTC didn't like it. LTC will go up since you are appearing fully. Just kidding :). I am a long term HOLDER. flactuation is useless for me.

  3. I'm a big fan of LTC, however do you think the Feb bounceback was in part due to the Litecoin cash fork (1 LTC = 10 LCC)? This could mean that a repeat of large positive break up is less likely.

  4. Great video!! That time is right around the corner as I said in the past the 21st of April I said it will tank to about 85-90 then take off again but we shall soon find out!! Keep up the amazing work Tyler!!

  5. I've never day traded, but am considering dropping like 5K, if it drops below $100, and selling it at $130+…but with my luck it would sit below $100 for months LOL! BTW, I gave you Big Up's in the vid that I posted tonight….keep it up!

  6. 'They Call Me Dan' YouTube talks about the big money/manipulation of crypto, OTC buyers not using exchanges. I agree. Btw, I read Soros is getting into crypto. Interesting stuff. Thanks Tyler.

  7. i like your videos, i do. but all the technical analysis on the LTC/USD chart is pointless… its so closely tied to BTC. LTC is at the mercy of BTC. You should focus your videos on the LTC/BTC charts. Or if you want to discuss USD value use the BTC/USD chart. LTC/USD is almost meaningless at this point.

  8. I think the online sentiment has shifted this week it’s more positive which I think may be a signal that most the weak hands have left, I thinking we could still touch that super strong 100-105 area and hopefully bounce up from there into the next bull run, fingers crossed.

  9. We need btc to rally
    Even if ltc rally’s it won’t beyond more than a couple critical levels like we saw to 130 recently
    Oh and yes we’re headed below 100 if we hang out where we’ve been
    Clearly adoption has no effect unless matched with btc upward movements

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