Will Ethereum Price Rise to $10,000 Per Coin?? WHAT WILL IT TAKE?? [Crypto Perspective]

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about ETHEREUM. Twitter: Ethereum Creator …


  1. Love your videos. Very unique from the other channels that all talk about the same news and TA. Those are great topics to have, but it becomes redundant when everyone is talking about it. Keep it up. Keep being different. And show your FACE for once!

  2. As more projects go to scale, ETH will get cheaper, it will never boom like BTC/BCH, simply that it does not have the mass appeal. Just look at the yearly hash market share charts and you have your answer… New coins do not necessary adopt the ETH route. Lightning network does not benefit ETH at all, and 13 transactions per sec does not propel it into mass adoption. Chances of BTC going 25,000 has higher probability than ETH going 10,000. Just saying..

  3. Man I just want to say your channel is smoking hot the reporting is right on time. What if just hypothetical ethereum classic comes out and say everything eat them can't do we have solved that problem with able to do it what is your stick on Eth classic?

  4. So I am the real deal in real life and this is a fake account so you don’t know who I am.

    I have millions in equities, bonds, etfs, realestate and I also made 3.4million December last year selling all my crypto assets when the majority bought into the lie.

    Crypto currency is a scam; no two ways about it. The only thing that crypto currency has given us that is of value is block chain technology. No smart investor will ever trade cash for a “digital” made up currency.

    There is very little chance you will ever make money of crypto again. It over. Get into stocks and options… you will set yourself up for life if you educate yourself on stocks and options.

    Good luck

  5. I think all the day dreaming of btc going to a million and eth going to 5k is bs. Crypto is finished. Big whales have bailed out on this garbage. Nobody cares about cryptos anymore. It’s all useless and pointless. We should see a major crash by end of the year that will be the end of it all. Sorry!!

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