Will Consensus 2018 Trigger Another Great Bull Run for Cryptocurrencies?

In previous years, Consensus has been a significant event in which the prices of both Bitcoin and altcoins have risen considerably in the following days and …


  1. "Will Consensus 2018 Trigger Another Great Bull Run for Cryptocurrencies?" NO! like Tone Vays said, stop listening to such ballshit. learn TA and how to trade

  2. NO, Consensus will NOT trigger another bull run. It is so sad that people are unwilling to realize that the big profits in the crypto-market are a thing of the past.

  3. Nope. Futures ruined crypto there’s no chance of it returning anytime soon. Whenever it does creep up it immediately gets taken out by Mt Gox.

  4. At this point you missed the boat if you didn't invest in 2016 into 2017. Everyone else is paying for blockchain technology…..which will eventually be controlled by AI. Nothing but suckers from here on out.

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  6. I think the difference between now and 2013 or 2011 is that there are so many more onramps than before. So many more exchanges plus people don't have to sell to fiat they can just use USD Tether.

  7. I think this is just a a video for videos sake. This guy is just trying to squeeze out ad and affiliate revenue from social media. If he actually had any foresight he would’ve bought in before last years bull run and wouldn’t constantly be dipping in and out of the market.

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  9. Great background. Love the natural scenery. Only time will tell how the market reacts to the current consensus. My personal view is that a handful or two of altcoins might see a good run up due to exposure or big news announcements. The general market with BTC heading the pack is still in a downtrend. At best we will move sideways for some time to come. A real bull run might not come until the second half of this year, or even not before 2019. Let's see…

  10. For me the most interesting part is that chart you have shown at 1:24. Look at that BTC run up! We are still 20 x higher in price than in 2016. So you have Consensus 2018 close to the top of a bearish trendline, following an over-hyped 2017.
    Pumping up a tyre with a hole in it to get the Lambo moving seems like trying to push an elephant uphill.

  11. I believe bitcoin is being suppressed when it came close to 10k they started to manipulate the market and brought it back down. If this manipulation doesnt stop i dont know what can happen

  12. The consensus 2018 is when whales are stealing the bulls out of the coliseum will be left holding the flag without underwear. The joke is on us. Lol

  13. Thanks Louis, long time sub here. Keep up the vids, always great watching them, especially during the bear market, that was tough on everyone for a while there emotionally

  14. You can hear the excitement in your voice. I bet as soon as the camera went off you were straight online looking at the lates Consensus bullrun memes lol ..PS yea love the woods and nature settings. Make for great back drops which is why I like crypto tips channel Heidi always has cool stuff going on in the background 🙂

  15. Market going down again right now, this is not a market to throw new money at, HODL what you have, dont sell anything and come back in November and re look at things

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