Will Bitcoin Tank Because Of Bearish Altcoins? (Friday Market Update)

We’ll do Bitcoin Technical Analysis, discuss the recent bitcoin breakout, and talk about how the altcoins may drag Bitcoin down in the coming days. – – – If you …


  1. First ever Global Litecoin Summit San Francisco USA September 2018!
    Probably means 'pump' coming. Litecoin 'mining reward 'halving' 2019 to follow! Bitcoin 'halving' 2020!

  2. So I’m curious, you mention all the top ten crypto currencies but you skip over stellar, is stellar no good or you just going by what most people wanna hear about?

  3. I think we should hesitate to describe typical daily activity in a volatile market as “crashes” – its so negative, and it isn’t really a crash at all. 70% – typical for BTC but ok call it a “crash”. 10-25% – meh. 😉

  4. Let’s be honest, Bitcoin dictates the movement of almost all altcoins (with the obvious exception of stablecoins and exchangecoins). We can all see it on coinmarketcap… if BTC is in a descending wedge, so are all the altcoins. Until they are un-tethered (ironic!) from Bitcoin, is there any point in looking at their chart movement in such a general way?

  5. I have sel al altcoins for bitcoin go whit the big boy's go whit the flow people don't mis the boot ETF altcoins are bulchit onle kopie from bitcoin forget bitcoin 3k 5k 6k soon coinbase millions of dollars go in furthers coinbase ETF push the price to 20k no bitcoin seling from my onle buying if I have some fiat

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