Will BItcoin price keep dropping ? Is Tether a scam? Crypto news !

Will BItcoin price keep dropping ? Is Tether a scam? Crypto news After hitting the death cross analysists forecast a bear market. But why is the market going down right now – explained in…


  1. Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas with level headed analysis. Great videos. Liked and subbed. In regards to cryptocurrencies; what are your thoughts of certain systems that are picking up steam outside of crypto? I will give you an example; I teach full time but service swimming pools as a side hustle and I now have 5 customers who either wish to pay me with Zelle, google wallet or Apple Pay. I mean all they needed from me was my phone number and funds were directly deposited into my account within seconds with zero fees! Do you think these are systems that could be hurting crypto? I heard PayPal is also working on blockchain tech. IBM is also in the works of developing their hyper system. Curious to know your thoughts!


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    Do you think that XRP will go up to the price of bitcoin?
    Although I think it won't I want to hear your opinion !
    Thanks , AhojkzKittz

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