Will Bitcoin continue to sell off? END OF BITCOIN???

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  1. All these Youtube wanna be crypto experts posting fear uncertainty and doubt in titles & posting pics just for selfish click bait.. regardless if they have a positive message or not… just Like this channel. Most peeps do not have the time to watch they just see the title & pic wile browsing YT like myself. It's not helping the market
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  2. Thanks for the explanation. $2.5k would be a wonderful buy-in opportunity. I regret not buying in at $4k and still have faith that in the long run bitcoin will reach 80 and even 100k.

  3. Dude, you are underestimating the downside potential. All your charts are based on it still being a bull market. Sell NOW. And buy back later when crypto is a laughing stock and all former Bitcoin holders are in despair. You just gave the worst advice possible. Buy or hold. No, SELL and buy back later.

  4. how can anyone fund crypto currency w/o being able to use a credit card? That is the only way to be allowed to deposit. Things are going to continue to get worse because there is no way to purchase.

  5. Your TA trendline is not correct at all. you draw it from the April lows to AUG lows and you will see its broken where next viable support 5000-4500 support area. That trendline violates the low by drawing it across confluence points only to make the video more valid that the uptrend on a YoY basis is still valid when it is not. Just look at futures markets its showing no support and will continue until the equity markets find a bottom.

  6. I like how this guy decorated his home. An ugly bookshelf. Wow, he's so successful. Can't even afford a fucking shirt. He wont even be able to afford that t-shirt soon. Loser.

  7. RUN Paccoin people it's very chip right now and it will blow up in March. Why? Massive redemption!
    Actually it's the redemption for the Masternodes
    Don't miss the Moon! Their whitepaper it's very solid.

  8. There would have to be a US bann for crypto to go below 5000$  and if thats the case. we are going below $2000.. but i don't see that happening.

    SEC seems in favor of new technology. their last meeting was positive.

  9. Putting titles like " END OF BITCOIN " DOESN'T HELP THE MARKET AT ALL !! To many Youtuber that are really into Crypto and believe in the Blockchain set TITLE That put more fire and doesn't help the cause AT ALL !!! " BITCOIN…IT'S NOT THE END… BELIEVE IN THE BLOCKCHAIN " EXPLAINED " more like it lol

  10. all these predictions are irresponsible despite any endorsement of your not a financial advisor your encouraging people your just a bit coin believer you don't like to think that they are all going, its called denial and so many are saying the same. so many of these videos saying its gonna come back blah blah blah and hasn't yet and ive watch these on a daily basis.

  11. everyones analysis that's saying it will level out and will gain momentum and i said its going to go, just looking at today over $1200 lost already if it does not stabalise a little in the next 3-4 days then its lost. people are looking at these things wrong. i expect its fall is going to escalate as todays example its starting to pick up pace your line is wrong. remember this when it continues to fall don't just look at % its the value to which has been taken of making this the largest since Mt Gox.

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