Why You Should Stay Bullish on Bitcoin – Today’s Crypto News

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  1. Coindacs uses DCA to remove the time consuming process of manually investing and sweating the market with fear of buying from top or bottom. Your exchange API can be added and the site automatically buys your portfolio of coins! This technique definitely encourages long term profitability in trading which is what we all want at the end of the day (or should want!). Worth a suss, I know the founder personally too so happy to help with any information.

  2. Late last year, One Bitcoin rose from $997 to $19,000. That's like 19 Times Returns on the BIGGEST & Number One cryptocurrency in the world. At the moment, 1 Bitcoin = $8,100+ One of the biggest names in blockchain fînance is predicting a huge, imminent surge for bitcoin. Philip Nunn – CEO of Blackmore Group –believes we could see bitcoin hit $60,000 THIS year 2018.That would be an enormous 795% leap from where it sits today. This means almost ALL altcoins Under $1 – $20 per coin can go as high as 20 Times – 50 Times Returns. Do you know what that means? It means your N10,000 – N50,000 today can get you between 100 – 150 coins which could do Times 20 to Times 50 for you. This is the reason I advice you go for small altcoins and NOT the biggie bitcoin if your capital is small or you are just starting out. So if you want to dip your hands into crypto BEFORE this potential price leap – I can show you how to do so smartly and securely, NOW is the time to get started with Cryptos.

  3. I think you will damage your channel if you start reviewing ICOs regularly. The market is already flooded with too many coins and it would be healthier for the space if we just concentrate on current projects, rather than so many You tubers doing sponsored vids and pumping / dumping the crap. Let the strong new techs get known through their product and not through reviews on youtube. Only if there is a coin that is seen to be the best tech to ever be released etc., then maybe do a vid on it.

  4. I lost 27k *2.6Btc when I started trading CRYPTO it was devastating, I was lost until I found a comment about Mr. MORRIS I contacted him and he promised to help me not only to recover my lost money but to earn for the rest of my life, now I make as much 40k every week from his tradings , he is reliable, honest, consistent and very experienced, contact him at morrisanderson4crypto@gmail. com or +1(951)380 3828

  5. GO Hester, Well she is telling it like it is, the others are on the Take and made a stupid decision. The Twins just have to wait a little bit longer, but it will get Appoved. India starting to come around, that's Fantastic, BIG MARKET, thanks Mattie, Peace

  6. ICO's are money grabbing scams for there founders. Look at all of them since March last yr & tell me where they are now. Read the Bitcoin standard. Just buy & hold Bitcoin for the next few yrs, yeh boring but you be laughing then.

  7. Hi altcoin buzz love your work. I was wondering if you could feature my idea on the next news please. The idea that we buy bitcoin for our children or loved ones and we store it for them and then in many years like their 18th birthday we give it to them. I’ve bought $500 worth of btc for my 7 year old son in 11 years I give it to him. I think this will help bring more awareness and will also help our love ones out financially. Imagine what the price of bitcoin might be in 2030? Thanks guys and keep up the great work!!

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