Why you should invest in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency TODAY!

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  1. I have not seen hackers as good asΒ  BITCOIN-CYBER in terms of bitcoin hacking, i imported a wallet into my wallet which had 2.047btc in it, the only thing i could do was watch only, i didn't have the PRIVATE KEY, so i heard that bitcoin-cyber has a software program that hacks PRIVATE KEY of any wallet, i contacted them and they hacked the PRIVATE KEY of that particular wallet, i was able to get it and send all the btc in it. now i am 2.047btc richer. You can reach out to them and tell them you want a wallet that has about 1btc or any amount, and you also need a PRIVATE KEY for it. Also you can get a wallet that has bitcoin in it and tell them to help you get the bitcoin out they will hack a PRIVATE KEY for the wallet, and you will be able to send the bitcoin to your personal wallet. Here's their emailΒ  ( bitcoincyber@gmail. Com ) if your coins was stolen then email them too. Here's their whatsApp line + 19293148512. They helped me too

  2. Dude, thank you so much for this! πŸ™πŸ» It can not be overstated the importance of content like this! I have been waiting for a video like this to share with all my friends and family that are ignorant to crypto! I will be sharing this on FB, it’s content like this that breaks down all the key info into layman’s terms and that will bring on the next wave!

    Again, THANK YOU!

    I like you man, but you’re crazy! πŸ€ͺ❀️…


  3. Satoshi Nakamoto has also been rumored to be the US Govt. aka NSA(National Security Agency). I personally believe Cryptocurrency was created by Govt. to move our currency towards the New World Order and one world currency system. Digital currency is step one.

  4. Also can you do a portfolio video sometime and how to invest $1000 during this bull trend? I know you cover the news all the time but it would interesting to hear your perspective.

  5. This video really helps, as I’ve been struggling with how to best approach educating others about the tech and the market opportunity (for those who do tons of research and invest responsibly).
    Anyways, great content as always! I appreciate your work and watch your videos daily!

    Super bullish on your follower count of 8.5K skyrocketing this year πŸ˜„

  6. Excellent summation of blockchain and the market and what digital currency is! I’m sending this one to my dad who is still trying to wrap his head around what virtual currency is:) You explain it way better than I can!

  7. Though I'm not a whale, I keep getting a tiny bit at a time of various solid projects and coins. Might not be a lot now but hopefully in 5 years, 10 years from now it will be worth more. Well see…

  8. Bruh you need to open up a damn school and start teaching millennials about crypto full time.

    You have a personality that's both informative and relatable in such a way that can turn a closed minded millennial into a well educated and well involved crypto fan.

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