1. Whats do you guys think about quantstamp? Let me know! Also if you want to participate in the bitcoin giveway. Subscribe to the channel and comment something constructive along with your wallet address on my previous video! When i hit 300 subs I will pick the winner.

  2. finally a youtuber that has put some actual thought into reviewing an altcoin, not just another lucky daytrader thinking he is the greatest and can sell shit as gold

  3. i have purchased close to 300 units and no matter what currency i have invested in i am looking to ride it out for the long haul. i had noticed the people working on the project were incredibly established. i want to invest more but i want more information on them and have actually sent them an email. what kind of growth do you see these guys making over the next couple years? it seems like they are being really thorough but im thinking they might be late to the party.

  4. Let's see if they can deliver. I bought a lot.

    For 2018 I bet on these cryptos:

    Gvt (next 6 months)

    Let me know what you think and why.

  5. Absolutely and definitely invest in Quantstamp for long term. The company, management, team and advisors are awesome! The cool thing is we get other coins that they audit air droped into our wallets when we HODL the QSP coins in our wallets. This is just fantastic! QSP will make all long term investors very happy.

  6. Great team, but especially great project! This will moon in 2018, buy it now that it’s very low, not when the price will go over 0.50/0.60.Big news are on the horizon, don’t miss it!

  7. I got into crypto in February this year and took the time to sort through about 50 different utube channels for content to stick with less than 10, from what I've watched your style will definitely get you a core of dedicated viewers in the future, I like what you do as it is,BUT,if you are really into massive numbers for your channel get a green screen. . wellbeing and thanks for being a pleastant person with intent to help others.

  8. Good stuff my man…. If you're a fan of QSP then give BLUE a look. 1 month old coin, no ICO with similar concept. Rather than manual smart contract auditing like QSP, they will provide an SDK that essentially notifies you the probability a coin is a scam, has a manipulated supply, etc. Ill attach the white paper, join the Telegram if you would like more info

  9. yo epic entrepreneur i appreciate the information you sure with our community. Groestalcoin (grs) seems like a good opportunity. whats your opinion on this coin?

  10. Another great video! I have a little constructive criticism. When learning about these coins it's great to get a rundown on the coin in its functionality and such but after you do that I think a big section needs to be on your analysis of price and predictions of where to buy or sell or what not. You provided a lot of great info about QSP but now that were sold on it, it would be awesome to hear about your opinion on where the money is headed. I personally got into crypto because of the attractiveness of decentralization but what really is enjoyable, at least on the day to day basis, is making money 🙂 which I am sure I'm not the only one! Again awesome content and I'm loving the direction this channel is headed, thought I would just throw in my two cents. Obviously don't be one of the fake TA guys who pull stats out of their ass and don't know what they are talking about it, but what ever insight you have would make the content that much more informative. Cheers from the west coast 😀

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