Why You End Up With Losing Positions | Cryptocurrency BTC ETH LTC Trading Tip

Good traders turn bad positions into stop-loss orders, and bad traders turn losing positions into lost money. Everyone wants to avoid losing positions, so make …


  1. I like how you say you have to have a plan, very good advice. Long term, does it really matter? It only matters what the market is when you decide to sell. As long as it is higher then when you bought, score! lol And if you are using you can afford to lose, then just wait until you are comfortable selling. I like how you bring that up, to not worry! But I am a long term hodler. haha, I don't think I have the stomach for day trading.

  2. I think most people, myself included are long a few positions (6-10 make sense for me), and short term I will swing trade multiple positions using stops to push back to BTC or ETH.

  3. Hello Tony, nice video! These days there are many coins out there, not an easy job to decide which one to invest, but If I have to pick one I will choose from privacy-oriented cryptos like Dash, Monero or DeepOnion!!

  4. I didn’t really put much thought into crypto currency until I watched one of this videos and i was amazed to bump into an expert that brought life and turned my finances into higher levels, I made more than $20,000 in 2 weeks with the help of Miles Scott, I’m blessed through this!

  5. Can you talk about what happened with BCN on Binance? I was a lucky one who got in w/in 2hours of the listing and bought near 1650 and sold near 2500 sats. It’s currently at 109 sats 5 or 6 days later, and it’s rape and teardrops for a lot of people.
    Lot of noobs got it in the rear end in this one.

  6. Tony. I appreciate such an important video ! I will be honest … I have learned so much over the years … especially as I used to watch my assets grow but btc value lose .. n I researched n trained n learned … but this time I got hit hard .. my stop. Loss strategy was so off this time and most of my important coins didn’t have my stop loss moved up as I do at times. I actually made horrible choice and removed sum stop losss spots on one exchange that was hitting imo too often ! … especially as I saw some trading moves and was going to add the stop loss back later after some transfers. And boom
    Boom 💥 too late I finally learned my lesson thinking 🤔 I’ll wait till it bounces back! I’ll never think like this again ! After losing (let’s just saw TOOO MUCH btc value ! ). I lost 3 months of huge gains in one day ! (It was the best 3 months in my 5 year trading career … And I had a similar lesson 2 years ago that taught me to use stop loss always. SHAME ON ME FOR GETTING LAZY FOR ONE DAY. Grateful to have your kind advice. Much peace n positive vibes



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