Why Now (2018) Is The Time to Buy Gold & Silver

Find out why I believe the boom in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin 2017 is going to cause an influx of people into precious metals in 2018.


  1. Mr W, you are absolutely right! I work in the crypto space. Many crypto speculators/investors talk about considering pulling out a portion of their investment and putting it into precious metals as a store of value and a hedge against inflation and crypto volatility. Very astute observation on your part!

  2. You are right on when you  declare that the time has come for skyrocketing PM prices. The mistake everyone is making now, is that they assume they will be able to simply step into the market at any time and start buying lots at the first sign of a major price hike. Think again. As soon as it becomes evident in early 2018 that gold and silver are on the move, you will try to buy PM at coin shops, bullion dealers and mints, but find a sold out sign hanging on every single door. You will desperately try to buy some as the price surges, but wont be able to find any. The old adage of buy low, sell hi, is staring us in the face as the seconds tick away. Buy now while you have the chance….

  3. "THEY" (tptb) will demonize cryptos as a safe haven for trafficking. Probably kill the market. Then put theirs out there, and THEN it will be the medium of choice for financial transactions. Here's whar scares me…..rumours coming out that the IRS is gonna tax all transactions! Cheers

  4. Metals could go lower, of course, but the downside seems small – particularly silver.

    If cryptos run up or collapse, either scenario might be feasible for steering $ towards PM.

    If real people are making huge returns, many will want a safe place to park it….i even wonder if cryptos could (or are being used to) bring about the 'run' on precious metals that has oftentimes been speculated on in this community….would make for a 'sellable' story to the public that the crypto craze caused the metals shortage and in turn a tighter control on those markets, perhaps even re-monetizing them?

    Speculation, just tossing it out there.

  5. Silver has great bullish capacity, so investing in it is a good option. Finally, it is not too much to say that there is a currency that allows you to acquire the precious metal.

  6. Cryptos are a distraction. They are or will be co-opted by banks and governments. To the extent that they aren't, they will eventually be scrutinized and outlawed or heavily regulated. I don't think that the current price of Gold or Silver really matters much, unless someone is trying to profit from owning real money. However, if someone is trying to profit from owning real money, then they don't understand Gold & Silver or why owning it is important. I would argue that anyone can attempt to make money on anything, but finding ways to game the system to make money is probably less than ethical. If you're going to make money, then do so by working hard and saving the fruits of your labor. I would urge everyone to save a portion of their earnings in real money (i.e. Gold & Silver). I would also urge them not to worry about the price. The price is almost irrelevant. The only time it will be relevant at all, is if you are forced at some point to sell, liquidate or otherwise convert your money into something else. If you're focused appropriately on the retention or preservation of purchasing power rather than the acquisition of wealth, then you'll be fine… no matter the price. If you're still mired in childish and unethical behavior, then you'll be watching the price movement and concerned more about the various ways you can acquire wealth through a lack of work.

  7. Cryptos will eventually be the basis for the 666 mark of the beast system. Silver and gold is what you can hold when the financial system goes down. At that point there will be a bubble in silver and gold. When cryptos become mandatory silver and gold will literally be tossed into the street according to the Bible in two different places.

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