Why NEO’s Ecosystem will EXPLODE! | Coupit Upates!

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  1. Great insights. Thanks for sharing. Like you I have a strong conviction in the long term success of the NEO Ecosystem. I wish there were not so many people obsessed with short term price volatility. Invest in projects where you have conviction and invest for the long term. Very few people become rich as short term traders. Most people fail at it! What we from NEO and other protocols / networks are real world dapps with real world and broad based adoption. I sense we are still far away from that point and would like to hear your thoughts on that.

  2. some time ago I had a capital to buy neo but I thought it would not rise too much, however I have been much more interested in cryptocurrencies based on anonymity especially those undervalued projects that are sounding a lot. What cryptocurrency of privacy do you like?

  3. dude they don’t even have a DR exercise on record, they only have 9.5 nodes, and have had multiple outages. if it pumps its due to westerners, speculators, etc coz enterprises are taking notice.

  4. Nice vids man! Ontology is hot! I agree. And even though it is build on NEO blockchain. I think NEO platform is not a break-through platform anymore. In 2017 it was definetely a top notch platform. But i am not sure that now it can keep up with all the competition. Nowadays literally hunderends of blockchain platform are striking out. And investment wise they are much better options. Another trend is the privacy coins. Smaller cap privacy coins are an interesting investment like DeepOnion or Spectrecoin.

  5. Nice video i agree with you $GAS is the true coin of neo is the power of $NEO in true $NEO is like a miner for earn $GAS one day $GAS going more expensive $NEO sorry my english i like your video you are really good peace and have a nice day

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