Why John McAfee Might Just Be Right About a Million Dollar Bitcoin Soon

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  1. I think the crypto market is being over estimated in the short term. It really could be another 12 to 18 months before the Bulls come back. The manipulation and CRASH in Jan 2018 seriously wrecked a lot of people. On top of that, a good portion of these people were just getting into the market. Some lost life savings and such. There is a sentiment of distrust with the gen pop. When the market goes back up a lot of the ones that are still holding will sell their positions and jump ship. The ones that already sold for a loss ain't getting back in no time soon.
    The Bulls have been coming back for every month since the crash but they haven't actually come yet. I expect they will return when everyone is least expecting and I"m not sure it's going to be any time soon.

  2. Only morally indifferent people own XRP. Its a banker created token and not doing any good to change the monetary paradigm – its banker-centralized…. NOT A DECENTRALIZED currency. They might make some short term cash but it isnt a true Cryptocurrency. Get off the banks dick loser. Stop helping them enslave humanity. BTC, ETH and LTC only. XRP pushers are greedy (trapped in their own delusions) sheep being lead down the path for slaughter, buying that shit coin – quit helping the banks. You need to take a long look in the mirror…

  3. I feel like the socially responsible / crypto-supportive thing to do would be to just exit; when you short crypto, you're contributing to its suppression. If you see it going down, just get out. Don't be like "them"…..

  4. People laugh at 1 million predictions. Is it really that hard to believe if you have seen the growth bitcoin makes year on year since it's birth. It's a very real prediction. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but it's definately not out of the question.

  5. Nice guy – But like everyone else — BEST GUESSER!! They are all the same, GUESSING. I BELIEVE IN NO ONE WHEN IT COMES TO THESE COINS, TOKENS. It's all a guessing game, why? Look at the last 7 months in these guessers, NOT ONE HAVE BEEN CORRECT.

  6. Million dollar bitcoin is not going to happen. It would require over 200billion market cap. You sound insanely misinformed, you lack any technical analysis knowledge.

  7. Omar Can you do your ads in the beginning of the video instead of the middle please? I usually leave my phone charging while listening through my headphones and always have to go to my phone to skip the ad or listen to it. Hope it's not too much to ask lol

  8. Of course he is right. If anyone reading this have never seen a Jm interview his answered to the questions will blow yer mind to see the direction he comes from to answer the questions. He thinks like nobody else it's very very refreshing and eye opening.

  9. As long as I see YouTubers like this saying bitcoin is going to the moon, it tells me we haven’t reached the despair level yet which means we haven’t bottomed yet. The next bitcoin bull market will not start until these YouTubers start making despair videos instead of “to the moon” videos. May have to drop to the 4000 level for it to happen.

  10. 1 million dollar bitcoin by 2020? I'm VERY skeptical. Kissing $75k to $100k by 2020 would be far more believable. Unless a fundemental shift occurs in the world economy I just don't see it happening, but you never know crypto has surprised me before.

  11. He doesn't benefit from Bitcoin going up? Omar, he owns one of the largest Bitcoin mining operations in partnership with bitmain through his company MGT.

  12. Trusted math-oriented friend helped move crypto onto my Ledger Nano S. I rewarded her $200. My nice ETH stack is FINALLY off the exchange after Bix Weir kept freaking me out about "getting keys in your posession." Stashing Ledger device away for a couple years while Ethereum develops. I on-ramped more fiat (hehehe) and bought my first fraction of BTC. Goal is one BTC. Keeping only minimum on exchange for now due to SHTF. Learn from Bix and Omar: BY WHATEVER MEANS POSSIBLE, KEEP YOUR PRIVATE KEYS IN YOUR OWN POSSESSION! 🙂

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