1. i dont see much value in their tech? there's free wifi everywhere and providers are giving more and more data in their plans?

  2. Hey bro, binance is starting a community voting and dent is listed, can I for support and vote for dent? Can you possibly make a video in order to get people to vote for dent. Thanks brom

  3. Hunny if all markets are based on Bitcoin and Bitcoin moves -20 all move -20 This is the stupidest idea I have ever seen. Long live Tether !!!!

  4. I would not touch Dentcoin. The European Union is in the process to pass laws which prohibits data upcharge for network providers. I think Canada lets you use your US mobile data plan already.

  5. The main reason they are not investing is because it will put a DENT in their wallet (ba dum bump!). Seriously though. The major problem is a flawed business plan and need. They are trying to solve a problem that is not as serious as they believe it to be. With Wifi the issue of inter-connectivity goes away. You can connect with virtually anyone anywhere that has wifi. And with whatsapp you have unlimited talking minutes. This is the reality of the situation. I read the whitepaper before this came out and that was my logic as to why this would have a hard time being adopted. I will be making a short video explaining this in further detail. Nevertheless good video Crypto. I subbed.

  6. 200k in .035. Holding this thing for the long run as this is one of the few alt projects I believe in. The rest will sit with ETH.

    Let's just get this thing to a dollar and I will be happy lol

  7. I had some sold it, thought it was a great idea, but it did not move, and I got intersted in something else, might buy it back sometime. But I think the name is confusing, sounds like a coint for the dental market. they should have called it CELL or TAK or something.

  8. I think we have WAY too many coins right now and it's a drag on prices. The exchanges (binance.. cough, cough) basically are taking anyone with a heartbeat and $1 million. It's not good for investors.

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