Why is ETH Crashing!? – The Simple Truth

The price of Ethereum has had a tough time over the past few months, not just in fiat terms but also relative to other cryptocurrencies like Dash and Dogecoin.


  1. As usual I think you are spot on with your comments on eth
    Keep it coming
    How much eth do you think one should have versus BTC from forward looking perspective 6 months or a year ?

  2. Nice hypotheses, however, I think that ETH will have one of the biggest increases when bulls will come back on the market. And not only ETH. Some good projects will also have strong increases.One of these projects is Staker. It is a great online dice game platform, with an active community of dedicated people, lots of airdrops (13/40 is ongoing this week), contests, responsive dev team, already listed on CointMarketCap and a huge potential to raise in the future.  If you are interested, please find here more details: STR – staker.networkhttps://discord.gg/TefwAyU

  3. I still trust in recovering of Ethereum, it maybe not in next month, but can be next year. I also trust in Tokens which using Ethereum platform although there are many tokens scam investors. But besides, there are still value tokens which are trusted by community such as Staker Token. This is special ERC20 Token, different with other Ethereum Tokens . It has Proof – of – Stake smart contract with interest in first year is 100%. This token is really worth to buy now.

  4. Thank you, this video is great and very informative. Now is the right time to buy Ether in his cheap price.. There is also Staker Token a Proof-of-Stake smart contract under Etherium platform, you can earn stake even without opening your wallet and check your stake balance using staker calculator. Staker Token also running a $0 weeks of airdrop, now in his 13th week many member received their token.

  5. Thanks for sharing your nice thoughts and insights sir Louis Thomas, great job. Ethereum downward fall of its price trend may due to scalability flaw it is facing making TX fees high. But still i am optimistic about its recovery sooner. Anyways, i also found out fresh promising token to invest this year named Staker—it is an POS smart contract token on Eth platform and is currenly listed on CMC and Crex. It is mainly Non-ICO and offers multi-rounds of airdrop to its active community also.

  6. Simple truth. Because it and all crypto is a pump and dump scheme. And plenty of people have been ripped off.

    Tether inflated the market enabling others to cash out at high prices.

    Its a scam. You dont understand markets or trading mate.

  7. Most of the coins are crashing these days but don't lose hope because ETH is bearing some good tokens inside the smart contract. Staker Token is one of the tokens under the smart contract of Ethereum that I fully support it's unique Proof-Of-Stake feature and also their 40-rounds of airdrop for the community is very generous. Join them now and be happy at the rise of cryptomarket

  8. Controlling the Eth market means controlling hundreds of token markets by proxy. Therefore the suppression of Eth has become a priority to the fiat controllers. At some point, the masses will begin to move away from fiat and into crypto among other things. The controllers will be overwhelmed, and many projects will begin to 'moon' Until then, the best thing to do is keep buying to cost average, and accumulate as many quality projects as you can find. One such one I know of is the STAKER Token project. Currently, it's the only stakeable ERC20 token and is center-pieced with a licensable dApp that will take the project wolrd-wide. The community is huge and the team behind the scenes is taking their roles very seriously. If you are looking for a great project to add to your portfolio, check the STAKER Token project out soon!

  9. let's face it, there's only 400 people actually using ethereum "dapps" as recent research revealed and thousands of ICO's collected ETH to survive on, Vitalik recently admitted the network is doomed in its present state, and Casper has been delayed a year. It's OVER.

  10. ETH is a platform for scam ICO's to con people out of their money. That model is now unwinding.
    Louis should apologize for misleading all the noobs into buying ETH and all the other sh*tcoins.

  11. There's more competition out there now where ICO's/et al have other choices and don't have to make their tokens ERC20 anymore….lots more choices with better scalability and dapp ability with ease. It's all tanking and won't stop until there's a change in the market cycle.

  12. to my eyes, the biggest scam in crypto space, way way bigger than bitconnect is ethereum. the reasons? simple, can't scale (we saw back when there's CryptoKitties. way too expensive way too slow too many ethereums lost when I tried to send them over. plus, it's amazingly centralized by ethereum foundation. I see similiar looks between 2014 btc chart and current eth chart. however, fundamentally, ethereum is full of lies and it's gonna sink below 10$ and never come back up. good luck 🙂

  13. A lot of comments and sentiments during this bear run, people seem to forget that there is such a thing as hedging. Do you really think a project would keep all of their funds in ETH ? ?? Part of in stable coins, part in fiat, part hedged ETH. People should stop crying, if you can't take it, sell it and move on. Great video!

  14. How about lack of scalability, no adoption, no meaningful partnerships, constant delays in POS, and confused stance in ASIC mining. Any organization that over promises and under delivers will lose market share. The only thing they have accomplished in 1 year is a kids game that brought down their platform. Add on top that the leadership described the infra as bad.

    Ether is a centralized plaform in terms of mining. Look at the difficulty and you will see a dramatic drop showing that miners are leaving because it is not profitable. This is a real risk of complete failure. Why should anyone mine a nonprofit able coin when they tell you the days of great appreciation are gone.

  15. Haha. Love these comments about bitcoin "maximalism". It's all about market forces. Once these panicked ICO's dump everything there will be no more sellers. Hedge funds (who bought all ETH from panic sellers) will then drive up the price through the volume gap to 600-800 in weeks. Can't wait to hear "bitcoin maximalists" come up with arguments then.

  16. EOS and Cardano will destroy ETH. The tech on ETH is outdated and not advanced enough for mass adoption. It is already crashing over pussy cats so imagine what will happen when billions of people enter the space.

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