Why is Bitcoin Cash Price and ICOs Connected?

Bitcoin Cash released some cool developer tools for programmers, Satoshi has a bounty on his/her/their identity, Turkish Lira Collapses and other news!


  1. So they are doing something btc already did but stopped because it is not the best method? Hmmm. Cool. Sounds more like they are just looking for anyway to pump the price. It will only end badly so, cool.

  2. Wow. Very informative… Din't consider the fact Satoshi owned 5% of btc… Also respect your position to talk about "good tech," despite public opinion on their "ethics", etc. Helps me trust your opinion more (unless, that is, you were somehow compensated by BCH for your efforts… )

  3. "The most important thing S. Nakamoto ever did was to disappear, the second most important thing was to invent Bitcoin" (Andreas M. Antonopoulos).

    Governments love to control us and hate our privacy. Look at what they did to people like Phil Zimmermann (the guy who invented pretty good privacy), Moxie Marlinspike (Signal messanger) etc etc etc, multiply that by 100 and you get an idea of what they would do to Nakamoto and his/her/their BTC (…and, thus, the whole currency in terms of price manipulations etc) as soon as they get hold of him/her/them.

  4. So the question is, if Satoshi doesn't want to make an economic impact with his BTC…
    Why did he kept mining so long to accumulate 1mln BTC, why didn't he stop earlier?
    He should be way smarter and should know that this would come to an issue if BTC really gets wide adoption

  5. Ivan, thank you for covering the development tools in SDK and being fair. All types of new projects are being developed in BCH, people better wake up. Bitmain holding a ton is big news too.

    BTC and LN is still under work and these projects are not possible on BTC at this time.

  6. Thanks as always Ivan. Please continue your show even during these times of doubt in the market. The technology is moving forward and the markets will eventually catch up. In regards to the enormous holdings of Satoshi, if indeed the creator(s) had good intentions Satoshi would be aware that the uncertainty of his massive holding is proving detrimental to the very success of the project. I believe the funds being held for anyone as a bounty in identifying Satoshi would be better spent advertising on all mediums the need for Satoshi to acknowledge the private keys of this massive amount of Bitcoins are known and in possession by individual or individuals who can utilize them. The uncertainty is not helpful at all. Another option would be to advertise that although the desire to remain anonymous is respected the public addresses in which Satoshi has holding will be locked down and will be subject to the value at a certain date advertised per Bitcoin. So again, there must be a very public and well advertised request for Satoshi to acknowledge these Bitcoin are in play and should be considered in the hands of an inactive but live entity. Another option would be if indeed Satoshi were alive and well , that Satoshi send an encrypted message to a trusted entity that indeed these coins are not lost and must be considered moving forward as Satoshi is probably very much aware that the NSA of the United States of America actively attempted to identify and are monitoring these accounts. The world MUST know. This is just my opinion.

  7. Rich Dad, Poor Dad – I hear a lot about this book! Gotta check it out. Many thanks Ivan for your perseverance in this bear market and your continued streams.

  8. The problem with adding more usability to BCH blockchain is that the problems they fixed and why ran out from BTC will catch them back in the long term, because blocksize's will increase hence will lose its original purpose of being fast transactional money, save to point that is the main feature they are hard-selling right now.

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