Why IOTA is the Next Big Thing In Cryptocurrencies 2018

IOTA is My Top Pick For Altcoins Heading into 2018 ➤ ➤ iota, iota price, iota price prediction, iota analysis, iota breakdown,…


  1. Iot and iota two different things tho..there is iot coon Internet of things of chine simply iot and there is iots. Personally I think iota is the one but some people will hear you say IOT and go and buy iot and not iota

  2. You should get into Iota. But not right now. This month will be extremely volitile, and the first months of 2018 will be as well. Bitcoin is about to dip pretty hard due to a combination of weak new money coming in and the huge market manipulation that is going to happen from big companies buying into Crypto, the big trades starting December 11th. Crypto is still pretty unregulated. The wild west. Don't buy. Wait for the dip. It's coming very soon. You still have time.

    People are even putting bitcoin on credit cards right now. Jesus. This is a perfect storm right now.

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