Why I’m Buying Altcoins Right Now While Bitcoin Hits 15K – Best Altcoins 2018

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  1. Ethos – BQX, – December 20, 2017 $2.15 ! "We are deep into Sprint 3, completing the in-progress feature set due on December 20th. This includes: Sign Up, Login, Introduction to Ethos, a Virtual Wallet, Watch list, generation Ethos Smart Key (expect more on this soon!), hierarchical deterministic wallets and the seed recovery process.

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  4. Bitcoin is the brand. If you want a real future for crypto and decentralized banking, just support bitcoin and hodl. Forget the profit takers that got us into the big bank mess in the first place. Altcoins are for the birds.

  5. Sensible strategy bro, you want to be just ahead of the heard, not chasing around at the back after things have already happened. I like SALT too, also got my eye on EOS, the most recent high went through the down trend tops line of the last day.

  6. Bro I love your videos man first time I ever see a young kid like yourself educating us on the actual bigger picture. I like the way you put it. My stratagy is invest in bitcoin after the correction, sell when its at its peak, then invest in other alt coins that's are down at the moment and wait to sell those once coins are due for correction. Really I've been going off of what I've been most aware of and what feels more important to me. Especially with what I've experienced. Seems like that is the huge cycle cryptocurrenies are going in. I would very much appreciate it if you showed us what's running in your mind when you're doing technical analysis. It would put me in much better positions earlier. Anyway you can create a video on the basics of tech analysis? What to look for etc? I think the more people look into this the more smarter people are going to really want to better their skills in the business instead of chasing highs and lows. Maybe a series of a few videos to get our heads around this topic would be amazing! Already subscribed bro glad to see new faces coming into the cryptospace. On our way to becoming #cryptomillionairs if you ever want to get in touch I'm a few clicks a way.

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