1. I assume you're talking about Bitcoin in general terms. Your biggest fallacy is the claim that Bitcoin has no intrinsic value because it has no real uses and function. Well, I got news for you – it DOES have uses and function. Both in commerce, in remittance and all the places where people do not easily have access to a bank account or credit card. Bitcoin Cash (short story: Bitcoin 2.0) easily competes with both PayPal, Forex etc. in remittance simply because it is much cheaper, quicker and censorship free (no one can stop your transaction, ever). Same goes for commerce – more and more webshops and services take crypto. Look it up.

  2. I agree with you!
    Mind you….. I been counting on Bitcoin to fail for a long while now….
    But yeah if I was you…. I'd hold onto those Bitcoins, and the first major tick up you get….. Just sell them!
    But I do feel you have more to gain by holding them now, then if you were just to sell them while there low.

    But me….. I want to see cryptocurrency dead for personal reasons.
    I'm a PC gamer, and the start of this year my AMD R9 290 died…..
    For a couple months I seen no reasonable way to replace it because at that time cards were double msrp…..
    Even if I had that kinda money I would refuse to pay it on principle!
    Because I wanted a AMD Vega 56.

    The only reason I am not still using my GTX 560 TI (my spare/backup GPU)
    Is because I lucked out on eBay and scored a AMD R9 390 for a good & fair price!
    So it's nice I got abit of an upgrade considering I'd of settled even for an AMD HD 7950…..

    But still today cards are over priced….. maybe not as badly…..
    But anything over msrp is bad…..

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