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  1. How do you predict which cheap coins will skyrocket? I always see videos recommending coins after they skyrocket and they made money but I'm always too late. Is there a sign to look for?

  2. I think FiCoin will be the best lending platform in 2018 and beyond.. With Fibo trading bot that is proven profitable.. Price of the coin will moon in no time.. FiCoin is the best and will dominate evry crypto in the future..

  3. KCS up and coming exchange kucoin. They give you shares of all commissions so now I have parts of every coin πŸ™‚ getting expensive I bought KCS at 3.50 it’s at 7.57 since the weekend

  4. FiCoin – The top reasons for this coins success is the transparency of support team and their warm attitude and clarity of instructions and up to date information

  5. With a small team with big dreams.. This is Ficoin.. i believe this will be big this year 2018.. mark my word.. their bot Fibo.. Getting better and better everyday.. Not just having internal investments but also having external investment for safety net that they can pay their returns to investors.. isnt that good..?

    Ficoin, go to moon..!!

  6. fien Fendra:
    Ficoin 2018 will be a huge success to keep fighting and we succeed with Ficoin … β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸš€πŸš€πŸ’°πŸ’° by contry indonesia

  7. I optimistic that FiCoin go to the moon in 2018. Three thing what Coin needed to growing up is maximum support for investor, costumer service satisfaction and team work every single investor to make coin price increasing. And i see ficoin have this 3 thing. Success with ficoin…

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