Why Cryptocurrency Market Dropped (Especially Ethereum)

We have a bloody bath in the cryptocurrency space, Especially Ethereum, it hit new low of 2018. While bears continue to dominate the market, In the video I will …


  1. Lubin has reiterated ETHs future is good and the regulators are on board with ETH. He is confident the regulator hurdles have already been jumped. He does however warn that many ICOs are going to the wall. The hardfork in ETH this year is putting many off investing too, because of POS & POW issues, which may create ETH 1, ETH 2 & ETH Classic. But ETHs future is bright.

  2. As LTC passed proof of time when drop 40 to 4$ our btc when goes 1k to 13$ this the moment of eth struggle and pass proof of time but in long run this is not a token our coin of 2k maybe goes there one time but in long run is a token of 508$

  3. Bought in between the last dip, mostly alt coins, DBG largest hold but am to novice to have sold off at the last two highs then bought back in. Currently down by approx. 25%. Really didn't expect it to dip so much but hey thats life. Invested enough money but not so much that I can't deal with losing it. Am a lucky one but not really stressing it and hope to see a return by the new year.

  4. I have lost 99.6% of my portfolio wealth in 2018, two years of hard work gone down the drain but looking forward to the next bull run whereby I may go up 1000% I hope my reward to risk ratio will be better and I will cash out at the top and take profits this time! I am not gonna feed anything at this low bottom to the whales.

  5. Gonna also add to the overwhelming cry of "haven't lost shit since I haven't sold." There are always up/down cycles, and there are always hoards of crypto newcomers fearing the end times at every big drop.

    I feel good. I'm chillin'.

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