Why Charlie Lee SOLD All of His Litecoins – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

We finally hear the truth from Charlie Lee on why he sold all of his Litecoins. It wasn’t due to conflict of interest and it wasn’t little. It was enough so he didn’t have …


  1. LTC was the 2nd strongest coin when it came to depreciation during the 2018 market slump, THIS IS A FACT. I dumped all my CENTRALIZED bank controlled Ripple and bought LTC. If LTC went down as much as Ripple then LTC would be less than $24.00 a coin. The only coin that even came close to LTC for holding it's value was BTC.

  2. Charlie Lee does not have technical capabilities besides copy other people code and ideas as he copied Satoshi Nakamoto. Charlie Lee sold all his Litecoin for $12 Billion that he copycat from Bitcoin. Charlie Lee does not believe in cryptocurrencies and believes in traditional banking and bought a 10% in a German real estate bank because Germany refused to sell him more. Satoshi Nakamoto did not copy the Bitcoin code from somebody else and did not sell all his Bitcoins at the top of the market. Who should we trust? The original inventor of cryptocurrency or those thousands including Charlie Lee who copycat the ideas and code to defraud others to enrich himself only.

  3. If i believe in my project i would hold a good piece of it knowing it will make me rich lacking faith in your project is like the captian jumping over the side of his own ship and taking the lifeboat away from the women and children a terrible move mr. Lee.sorry charlie i wont be boarding anything he's riding on too many other choices

  4. I actually just listened to the Charlie Lee quote-and you’re kind of miss representing it. He said it’s good he Sold litecoin so now He can put more effort into working on litecoin. He didn’t say he sold his coins so he wouldn’t have to work. I am not a big Charlie lee fan and I think it was kind of shitty he sold his coins, but you’re definitely misrepresenting what he said

  5. There doesnt seem to be much reason to buy currency coins other than bitcoin. Bitcoin is already fast enough and certain projects like the lightning network or whatever fix its short comings. We only really need alternative currency coins that do something that btc doesnt like privacy coins. Like who the hell cares if litecoin is a little bit faster than btc?

  6. Dear CryptosRUs,
    Thank you for mentioning our project in your video!
    Regarding the things which confused you:

    1. Our company is registered in Germany, but our biggest implementation is in Vietnam. 15 people is working in Ho Chi minh City, led by our co-founder, Trung Dao Ha. We are operational in Vietnam since 2016, serving more than 6000 business customers with over 400 000 transactions each day. On the about us page you see European faces, because our HQ is in Europe (in Hungary to be exact). The Vietnamese colleagues are not listed because they are employed by the Vietnamese implementation partner, TE Ltd. All these information were public long before our ICO.

    2. Regarding traction, we agree that there is room to grow, but we feel your statements unfair about it. We track and trace 18 000 pigs, 200 000 chickens, 2.5 million eggs each day from farm to retail. We are working daily with 3100 farms, 3400 livestock agents, 70 slaughterhouses, 35 food producers, 25 veterinary companies, 30 wholesale markets, 190 wholesale distributors, 2,600 retailers and markets. According to our knowledge, TE-FOOD is the largest publicly accessible farm-to-table fresh food traceability system on the world. So there are still definitely a lot of markets we can reach, but looking at usual projects in crypto, we think that we have one of the biggest traction.

    We hope we could clarify these points.

  7. He even went as far as to tell people that ltc might go back to 30 bucks and to be ready for that ..then sold his ltc and told everyone…how much more of a fucking hint do you need to sell with him at the top…im a real investor…I took his hint sold at the top then rebought back at the lowest point acouple weeks ago. I would like to thank charlie lee….

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