Why Bitcoin’s Next Target is $25,200 Technical Analysis Part 3 by Adam Khoo

This video shows you how to apply technical analysis principles to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency to improve your trading performance . Learn how to enter and exit trades on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrenc…


  1. Thank you. Great video. Click on Auto button (turn off autosize) in the lower right OR resize by left-click dragging up/down in the price bar. After that, you can drag the whole chart down into view to see the top without having to zoom out.

  2. Hello Adam , can u plz suggest me intraday chart settings for ema or sma crossovers?? I have seen Ur other vedios too. I understand it is ema 20 and 40 ema . But anything more u like to share. Is it right understanding by me??

  3. good analysis thank you . question is … how do you sell it ? using yr wallet ( like blockchain) u sell back to dollar or euro ? or an exchange ? i dont see my binance exchange selling btc option that turns back to dollar amounts .

  4. Mr Khoo, only if you didn't miss the fact that the MA6 line is gone out of the order and went under the MA20 line. IMHO and according to your teaching, until that corrects it will have dips and peaks.and unless it goes back, I don't think it will catch that price level. Best Regards

  5. Hi Adam, thank you for the video. Please explain in future videos what coins you think are going to be big. Also can we use that chart on 15 minutes or so?

  6. Adam yes BtcUsd is on uptrend but the bias is bearish after it touches approx 18233….it could go to 25k…but thats not the next move IMHO…could be very wrong here but just my take…the flaw in your analysis according to me is seeing it from only daily……there are many more cycles being formed on other time frame

  7. Thanks Adam!
    Just a friendly comment: please use the indicators you're talking about. In part 1,2 and 3 you have been using slightly different indicators than the one's you've mentioned.

  8. Sir awesome explanation but what think about the head and shoulders pattern forming near 16.5k level and seeing that it's bearish and move down to 9k ,, I am confused by that pattern can you please reply ..

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