Why bitcoin uber bull is sticking with his 2018 $50K forecast

The bitcoin bloodbath. Is the selling finally over? With Arthur Hayes, BitMEX, CNBC’s Seema Mody and Melissa Lee, and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, …


  1. If you are investing if Bitcoin it should be for you future, not just to make money. Shame so many people miss this. Money money money .. will we never change !

  2. 0xBitcoin is the implementation of Bitcoin in Solidity and is the first decentralized ERC20 token for Ethereum. It is an open source community project, not led by an official team or corporation, and therefore does not have ICO capital or other vast amounts of currency/capital that a centralized token project would have. We believe as a community that decentralization is the true flavor of the blockchain and that is the architecture that provides open and transparent trust for users. We also believe that Ethereum and ERC20 tokens are a significant segment of the future of blockchain technology.

  3. Asking the CEO of a Cryptocurrency Trading company how would Cryptocurrency would fare, is like asking a Muslim Preacher if Islam is a Religion of Peace & the Fastest Growing Religion in the World. What do you think would be his answer?
    Seriously – who falls for this bullshit?

  4. What is etf ? This guy is rite when bitcoin goes down it rise 10times more faster. Lyk from 200 usd to 20k usd in jst 2 years. Such moves are common in this market. Btc to 50k very much possible.

  5. EOY BTC is gonna hit $30k-$50k crash and rise again in 2019 to $100k crash and rise again in 2020 to $250k crash and rise again in 2021 to $1 million crash and rise again do you get it now?

    When SEC approves BTC ETFs probably by EOY every HODLer from 2018 will make HUGE GAINS

  6. bitcoin wont rise, markets all banned it, mining is too costly, miners will leave as price drops. network support leaves as well when price falls. way too unstable to be a currency. Trading exchanges are slowly eating away the money in cryptos.

  7. BitMEX makes fat fees on commission. It is in the best interest of Arthur Hayes that he makes more in fees. Obviously, he is garnering attention of the public to put their money on BTC..

  8. We'll see how all this works out after this tax season 🤣… Take a 20% hit on your profits by paying up, or keep trying to revolt against the gov by not paying and see how long that lasts till gov shuts it down for not filing capital gains tax. Did y'all really think you can turn your 100 USD bitcoin into 10,000 USD without the gov getting a piece?! Really think crypto isn't traceable? Really think that the top 5% of BTC investors that own most of it aren't manipulating the prices of it? Love the tech, but crypto currency has a lot of work to do before it becomes a serious form of real world currency…

  9. CNBC? They’re more worried about ratings than real analysis. You’re better off putting your faith in the Easter Bunny. Just pay attention to the manipulation of markets and make your own informed decisions. 😊

  10. 30K-40k More likely.. For the people saying BTC is dead. Been through 2 major crashes. The idiots who Bought BTC in 2014 at $1200 later sold for $200 are the same idiots who bought it at 20k and sold it for 6k. You can't controll this market only your petty emotions. It's not going to 2k-3k still cost 5-6k to mine 1 bitcoin. If you expect a get rich quick scheme forget it. Been holding btc since 2013 – not selling til 1 btc = 100k

  11. CNBC = stock pumping propagandists. You won't ever hear them say the real GDP growth upon proper accounting has been deeply negative 10 years running. They will not say stocks are overpriced to the tune of 4-8 times too high per historical measures for an economy in the toilet. I show these. The Russell 200 has a PE well beyond 100! I did the math. They get highly paid, I get nothing. What a messed up world.

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