Why BITCOIN Is Making A Comeback

What’s driving Bitcoin’s quietly climbing value- and why is now a good time to start trading cryptocurrency? Get expert trading tools & learn to trade cryptos like a …


  1. I'll tell you why Bitcoin is making a comeback-because it isn't. Oh, wait, I stand corrected. Bitcoin is up 0.7% In the last 24 hrs…Buy Buy Buy. This video is brought to you by…………….

  2. Wonder how much this orange fatass paid you for this. Bitcoin is dying and these people (scammers) just want people to throw their money away so they can make their last buck and pull out as it makes reaches its peak. Shame on you for promoting this garbage…he's literally pitching a 15 minute ad.. these assholes are just mad that they are losing their life savings after being stupid enough to waste so much on on bitcoin

  3. So how about we get a video addressing Zionist supremacy? Oh that's right he wants to feed his family so he can't risk his platform, doesn't matter if you tow the line they'll get us in the end

  4. New Exchange Airdop!!


    The Bicente Exchange, which I'd like to talk about, is a local exchange called BCT, which goes beyond the COZ of COINZEST.

    They're going to hand out the hatchet to the dealers.

    With BCT, you can now:

    1. All transactions will be reimbursed by the Transaction Mining Center for 100% equivalent BCT!

    2. To those with BCT, 80% of the total transaction fee for the previous day will be returned to BCT users!

    (more deposits, more dividends!) That is, getting a BCT from a transaction and having that BCT, and so on!

    3.As a core innovation project and strategic partner of Node Capital,

    we currently have a number of leading companies participating in node Capital, Kosmos Capital, GENESIS Capital, LD Capital, Mardi Fund, and Rui Fund.

    4.security is the most important thing in the exchange!

    The Bicente Exchange puts security first. They've built a triple security system.

    Primary) Front-end, back-end (greater security with physical separation between databases)

    2nd) Communication interactive encryption, information testing system

    3rd) Multi-data backup (user can switch servers quickly and easily)
    In this way, a triple protection system is built to keep and protect our precious assets.

    5.They provide mortgage loans and corresponding margin transactions. So the volume of the deal is going to be enormous.

    Dividends are paid according to the volume of BCT transactions, but if there is a lot of trading on the exchange, the dividend will be increased

  5. Even if bitcoin is dead or alive.. is it reliable? Not in the slightest. If we have another depression it will effect (mainly) power. The internet. Without internet bitcoin is absolutely worthless… I don’t understand why people rely on this worthless “currency”..

  6. Bitcoin is a failed experiment. It gave birth to Ethereum (2nd gen Blockchain), which gave Birth to VeChain (3rd gen Blockchain), which is good, but Bitcoin itself has no future other than p&d schemes. The only cryptocurrencies other than VET you'll find anyone with a brain buying, is profit-share-tokens, like SMARC or MOD, which is pretty much a digital startup IPO (I.E Kevin O'Leary's upcoming Hotel-profit-share-cryptocurrency).

  7. No wonder white nationalism never gets ahead in the modern era.

    far too many shills and controlled opposition in our ranks. ..

    Who gives a fuck about Bitcoin? seriously. We have the communist German government trying to squash and legally punish pro-white Germans who stood up for their nation, we have millions of non-whites in our nations now raping, pillaging, creating Islamic colonies in the heart of our nations, they're getting "elected" to positions of power, a Muslim who murdered their child and were training to shoot up a school are out free etc…..

    and here you are shilling for ((Bitcoin)). I guess all that needs to be done to divert our media figures is a few shekels in their bank account.

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