1. I need five unused syringes, a string mop, a ham and cheese sandwich, 2 pairs of plastic gloves, a below average size Yorkshire terrier, and a box of chocolates delivered to me within an hour.

  2. Dorado increased market cap with no other justification but high demand. They are struggling now to reach hard cap. They are using a lot of dubious marketing strategies to sell their tokens (e.g. spamming community with "buy now or never" when ICO end is months away). Red flag for me.

  3. everyone focusing on Dorado 'drones' facing flight restriction problems. The drones element is just a part of the plan – they also plan robots that can be deployed in multiple scenarios such as a large office environment as well as human driver deliveries and so on.

  4. It's not just Bitcoin that's down, all alts are bleeding out satoshi price level. So the effect of the losses is being magnified. But as usual you focus on the dollar values.

  5. I don't know how many viewers are day traders, but it seems everyone is so interested in hour by hour Bitcoin changes.
    I think if this was 2012, many people would have sold below $100, and I think that is the case today. Forget about it unless you need to, don't worry about the day to day.
    Same goes for altcoins that have a future: Monero, DeepOnion, Neo, Stellar, etc.

  6. Hello Suppo, I have just discovered your channel, it looks really interesting. I would like to know if you've heard of Celsius ICO, I 've made my own researches and it seems like "the new big thing to come", what do you think? Great job man

  7. I made 400% on crypto last year, I could have made more but was greedy and held. Bottom line is all the hype was out in December and google searches for bitcoin has dropped 80%. I personally think the only was is down now. Don’t waste your money on these ICO’s. These guys on YouTube are paid to do these videos. Take a look back at what this guy recommended to buy – Utrust, Ethos and many more have tumbled in value.

  8. To deliver items by drones, the company has to be regulated by authorities, and it is far from being easy, Amazon claims to be the first company to do that and for the moment…Nothing.

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