Why Bitcoin Dropped $400! – Today’s Crypto News

Visit our website: In this video, Mattie talks about the recent bitcoin price dip and what might have caused it. He also talks about VeChain as …


  1. The Goldman Sachs news was completely fake news. In my opinion, Goldman Sachs postponing their trading desk to work on a secure store of value/crypto custody project for institutional investors is EXTREMELY bullish. Well at the least I hope everyone is picking up their favorite coins in this massive dip.

  2. I love how people who do not understand markets, technical analysis and the psychology behind the very human brain that makes the market tick, blame everything on market manipulation and traders. Do you some how think BTC will just keep rocketing up back to 20K and then 50K and then 100K? what and thats not manipulation?? What justifies that price?? Demand controls price and right now there is no demand. BTC is technology and BTC is a market. If you are a so called believer in the technology of Bitcoin and blockchain, price should not be an issue for you. If you are in BTC for the money, learn to trade and operate on a market. The indicators were all there flashing lights for the last 2 weeks. Most of you saw the signs and completely ignored it, in favour of your greed. Tough luck. Oh and by the way mate, news had nothing to do with this. This is just what happens when a market is oversold and there is no new buyers, so smart people sell out and secure profits. Whats manipulating about that?

  3. Please… give us a break…. CONTROLLED?????? THAT IS THE PROBLEM ???? yeah … of course it is.. Why do ANY OF YOU think that the Reserve Banks which are on their FINAL way OUT would allow Goldman Sachs to create a Blockchain based Trading platform … which is the DEATH SENTENCE of FIAT Currency fans… OF COURSE Goldman Sachs IS NOT ALLOWED TO ….well you know… SAVE your breath…. YOU all have been had .. yet again… when will this end????? well… soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. I'm seriously concerned that so many YT content producers using 'news' as their 'go-to' for finding a reason for any price movement.
    I'm glad you mentioned a few times that there are reasons outside of the news, at least.

  8. Report bad news people sell! Then the manipulators buy! When manipulators had their fill of crypto then just like magic crypto is the new world currency, price goes up! Manipulation is happening people! The big picture is crypto is here to stay and will go up in price who knows when in my opinion! Are we prepared to hold with all the FUD we hear that is the question! Masses controlled by the few, same as it ever was! 🤣😂

  9. As CryptoGlobe reported, a bitcoiner that had been dormant since March 9, 2014 has recently moved its 111,000 BTC and BCH fortune to multiple wallets with little under 1,000 BTC each. A detailed investigation revealed the funds could belong to Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR), the account of the Silk Road’s admin, a Mt Gox user, or a Silk Road vendor. at least 15,593 BTC (now worth about $108.9 million), about 14% of the whale’s fortune, were moved to Bitfinex and Binance. The funds were transferred to the exchanges throughout 10 days, with 11,100 BTC going to Bitfinex and 4,400 to Binance.

    The whale seemingly dumped its funds on said exchanges, as bitcoin is currently trading at $6,932 after falling over 6.06% in the last 24-hour period. The drop erased the cryptocurrency’s gains from last week.

  10. Everyone was watching to see if BTC would push out past the 7500 mark and it failed. A large short position took place 70,000,000 and a tether print 100,000,000 moved to Bitfinex for that short to occur and then the whale gave some selling pressure. The rest of the people watching had stop losses in and triggered the fast sell off. That’s what happened. Now the short position will accumulate BTC at lower prices trying to keep it low without a spike. Should see recover to 7100 and then shaky hands will trade in and out and we move sideways once again.

  11. The Goldman Sachs announcement to reneges on a crypto trading desk was purely made to lower the market. They timed it perfectly as they saw the rising wedge and knew it was ripe for a drop.
    The banks are slowly already buying up crypto but watch the volume for when they are totally committed there will be no announcement just a huge increase in volume-so ignore this FUD-
    I used it to buy more bitcoin-thanks Mr Sachs.—oh and fck the banks, they need crypto more than crypto needs them.

  12. Sorry but Altcoin buzz is full of shit sometimes, especially shit pump coin and heavily centralized SAFEX coin. We're still in a bear market, if you look at the bottoms trends this year it's no surprise going back to $6k bottoms

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