Where Is Cryptocurrency Going?

A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, …


  1. The one potential narrative is the blockchain technology that the currency runs on. Remember how we sounded on the news when the internet was a brand new idea to the world? The same thing is happening here. Cryptocurrency is far more efficient than fiat money is. Cryptocurrency cannot be manipulated or inflated like fiat money can. There are many narratives for cryptocurrency.

  2. Ransomware hackers, pirates, and illicit trade including human trafficking etc will, force transactions to be traceable.
    And your trip6-chip© info will be on the cloud

  3. I truly believe Rothschild is secretly (through Satoshi Aka) burning down the Petro dollar and reinstituting crypto so he can act like he's all washed up amd some with in the banking sector, yet, he will then ce back ALIVE and in CONTROL. "ORDO DE SECLORUM"

  4. Tell me WHO SATOSHI NAKAMOTO IS and then I'll look at the quality of His character (attitude, attributes, etc) making sure I trust him. Because as of now, I'm supposed to have faith in a CREATOR OF CURRENCY I DONT KNOW, NOR EVER WILL. Not to mention I am against the current system and this system is just Rothschild or some other banker w as much pull, using the good old "crypto Jew" style of smoke and fog whereby Satoshi Nakomoto is actually a ROTHCILD AGENT… I don't care if this is a one in a million chance, if it's a chance it's a chance it could take place. Period.

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