Where is Bitcoin and Altcoins Headed?

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  1. Yo Phillip, i dont appreciate you're company blocking and ignoring me when i need customer support on a month long over due refund! I was told it was going to get taken care of and it still has not and yet I try to contact people there for help and you guys give me The cold shoulder block me. Wtf is this? your boy Sean better communicate. i've been patient plenty here.

  2. You should defs do a video on veruscoin 🙂 Or at least check them out.

    Verus is planning to create a platform upon which to build voting and even election systems that support their vision of enabling a better society through blockchain.

    Team – Verus is lead by none other than Michael Toutonghi. He is an ex-Microsoft distinguished engineer, Founder of Microsofts .Net platform, CTO of Parrallels, as well as having achieved many other things such as creating Functionalize; a company that specializes in creating products which allow 3D printing complete electrical circuits. Verus also have JL777 from Komodo working as their advisor.

    Privacy – Verus uses zk-SNARKS (Zero-Knowledge Succint Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge). Transaction information is completely encrypted using this unique proof of construction algorithm.
    Decentralization – Verus has created a new hashing algorithm VerusHash. This was created out of the need for a decentralized and fair mining algorithm. It is ASIC resistant, and is optimized for CPU mining. This means that anyone with a computer can mine it fairly, without the need for a strong GPU or specialized mining hardware.
    PoW/PoS – Verus is a 50% proof of work and 50% proof of stake coin. Not only this, but it is also 100% secure, as its blockchain is backed up by Komodos delayed Proof of Work, meaning hackers would have to hack both Komodo and Bitcoins blockchain before they can adversely affect the Verus blockchain.

  3. Hey phillip Im not quite sure how to get ahold of you some ima just leave a comment on here and hopefully you hit me back. So like i said the other day i picked up the crypto money machine. what i was wondering is you guys have any thought of adding the coins to it that might get listed on coinbase? i have very high hopes for cardano, stellar, and ox. also ive seen people talking about cardano forming a double bottom and about to go crazy again?????? im a newb and i need the help!

  4. Can we just collectively be part of the philosophy of cryptos which is antithetical to greed, manipulation and usury? Perhaps by dumping all trading bots and selling all coins sub top 100 so they hurry and die already?

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