Where Crypto Is Heading, The Fat Protocol Thesis Challenged – Ep225

Today we’re talking about where value is moving, stable coins and why the fat protocol thesis may need to be reconsidered. Trade With Leverage, Short Bitcoin …


  1. Many companies will use existing centralized cloud platforms (AWS etc.), but 21 people controlling 21block producers (on EOS), is even more centralized then Google cloud and AWS. So why even bother, as EOS is a lot less feature rich, more expensive and slow. Either you create the golden standard in decentralized platform (Cardano), or you can go build on AWS, Azure or Google cloud.

  2. why are you going into crypto forums, not understanding a thing about their project, offering up your subscriber base, and making promises you have no way of living up to? just curious… try to get a clue before going into a forum and see if you can understand what the project is about, what's going on in the forum, and assess before posting your spam. as for the newbs listening to you here…I pity them if they believe one iota (see what I did there 🙂 of what you say.

  3. I started investing in crypto last year and I went down the drain until I found a comment on YouTube about Mason Scott. I didn't hesitate to contact her, I traded with her and went from having 4Btc to 12Btc.

  4. Love my BNB and my 25% discount but long term I don't understand where the value is? They are eventually moving to a DeCent Exchange Model (decentralized) so how is the token going to prosper then? Year 5 = 0% reduction in fees and a token burn is not going to be enough to keep value in just another erc-20…Please tell me what I'm missing ppl…..seriously enlighten me. Love your channel F.T.R

  5. Its called Basic Attention Token. for problem with stable coins see the latest contribution of Eichengreen in the Guardian. hashgraph just had their 100 mil ICO, did you participate? Cheers for especially your views on protocols

  6. I agree that transaction speed is important, but network affect is even more important. The TCPIC protocol wasn't the most advanced protocol but it was the one that got network affect, so the best technology doesn't always win because the story behind the technology is even more important.

  7. Carter at the end of your video you say the professionals aren’t trading in crypto and why should you? That being said, why would a novice trader like you want to compete with the professionals?

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