When Will Bitcoin Hit 20K Again? Is The Petro A Scam? Neo Technical Analysis

I will give you my prediction over when bitcoin will reach 20K again. I think its going to be sooner rather than later according to my indicators. Lets also talk about the Venezuelan Petro…


  1. I would never invest in venezuelan Petro cryptocurrency, because it would be morally wrong. There is a leftist totalitarian dictatorship going on in Venezuela now. Put money on Maduro's government is imoral.

  2. It might be a good idea for Venezuela – given that – there facing a complete and utter collapse. There foreign currency reserves are almost up and the price of oil is no where near what it once was. A token maybe a good way of raising foreign currency reserves (hence the appeal to international investors) and may be a good way of providing stability for buying and selling goods. It may also help reduce the black market that has sprung up – causing more dollars to flow back to the government. I only hope things improve.

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