What’s Going On With Bitcoin This Week ? (50k SOON?)

what’s going on with bitcoin today ? whats going on with bitcoin this week ? Why are altcoins dropping ? All this explained! My bitcoin 2018 price prediction 2018 has been updated from 25k…


  1. Very good idea, I agree with your point of view, your video is very helpful to me, I hope you can continue to do it. Recently saw a lot of video discussion DeepOnion, can you talk about your opinion? Hope to get your reply, thank you very much!

  2. Thank you for your high quality videos. It seems hat bitcoin market will be still bullish at least for the next couple of months. I heard about crazy forecasts such as 50k, 100k and even 1M but I don't think so. Why ? because bitcoin has many threats technically speaking such as block size, high fees transactions, confirmation delay. Unless a serious fork accrues in order to fix that, bitcoin will drop or in the best case it will stabilize at 25k. I consider also investing in other promising crypto projects such as DeepOnion. They have strong features around anonymity and privacy. They provide the first totally anonymous crypto coin as they said.

  3. First of all I want to thank the author for a useful video. I want to say about the DeepOnion project which is developing very actively. This is facilitated by a number of factors: an active fast-growing community, an emphasis on anonymity, new functions that no other crypto currency has.

  4. I see btc reaching 30k in 2018, likewise deeponion onion too skyrocketing. DeepOnion is a up and coming cryptocurrency which is built on top the TOR network. It’s first and foremost goal is total privacy.
    Due to it’s current reward structure DeepOnion has one of the largest and most active communities, with thousands of users actively participating in the forums daily, reporting bugs, suggestions and keep each other up to date with features.
    We are seeing many feature additions almost weekly, with most be unique to the coin as it sets new firsts.

    Take your time and research, in a few years you will review this comment and see just how much DeepOnion has taken off, definitely top 20 potential, if not top 10.

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