What’s Cryptocurrency??? (And How To Understand Bitcoin!!!!!)

Welcome to my MissBeHelpful channel! in this video I refer to a few resources that you can check out here: Ray Dalio’s video on the economic machine: …


  1. People (usually older) who don't "trust" digital money is because they don't understand the technology behind it. Instead of explaining bitcoin it'll be easier to educate them by first explaining blockchain technology and how bitcoin is the byproduct of it.

  2. Hi! Thanks for making such informative videos that are easy to understand. Can you do a video about moving into a first apartment and give things like tips and expenses/bills that first time renters normally wouldn't think about?

  3. Thousands of computers. ..but hundreds of thousands of hackers.
    Plus I don't know one single person or store in my area that has or accepts cryto. So bottom line is I'm still not convinced.

  4. Nice video to get the basics of bitcoin out there. It definitely is one of the hottest topics in the finance world whether people believe in it or not. Some think it is a bubble, I actually had a video talking about that. But it is a futuristic concept. Remember to do research tho! 🙂

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