What Would Happen If Elon Musk Left Tesla?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and founder of SpaceX, has been scrutinized for unusual behavior. Musk smoked weed during the taping of a podcast, announced he …


  1. Why would the stock plummet? Seems to me the brand is now big enough to survive without him and frankly he’s maybe not the best guy to be in charge of production, creative genius or not. Let Elon go innovate elsewhere, and hand over Tesla to someone that can run it smoothly. Everyone will be happier

  2. Tesla needs a substantial and respected business person as Chairman. They need someone who will calm glitters from Wall Street and get help for Elon to sort our production and quality issues. Ramp up of production of the Model 3 has shown up Tesla’s manufacturing shortcomings. Situation unlikely to get better with need to bring Model Y, Semi and Roadster on stream to say nothing of China factory set up. I wish Elon well but he is not doing Tesla any service working 120+ hrs a week running around like a headless chicken.

  3. Read Elon’s email to Tesla employees and you’ll see that he’s only guilty of trying to do what’s best for them,Tesla, and its customers. The stock may suffer for awhile, but it will come back stronger than ever.

  4. Smoked Pot. That's a giggle. One puff of mixed tobacco and mj, which he barely inhaled. Such a load of noise about nothing. Said a tonne of positive things during the same interview. Nobody is interested in that and the good things he does, which hugely outweigh the stupid things.
    And by the way. He stayed as CEO. Resigned as Chair. Storm over.

  5. He is a human being. It’s such a shame that he can’t crack jokes, spend time with friends, and do normal things without receiving backlash.

    Whenever Elon makes a mistake, does something bad, or something so basic, he’s put under a bad light. But when he’s helping bring electricity to PR, water to Flint, humans & objects to Mars and electric cars to the world, crickets are chirping.

    He’s such an intelligent man and his mind runs at the speed of light. I’m sure there are a million things going on in his life. I’m sure if you were in his shoes you’d be behaving erratically too.

    Tesla isn’t Tesla without Elon Musk.

    Elon Musk hwaiting~~~ 🌸 jiayou 💓💖💜💛
    엘론 머스크 화이팅~~

  6. I hope people see this… Elon is a large CEO, he's made and shaped Tesla and SpaceX etc, although the stress might have a negative effect on his health and smoking MJ seem like a reasonable thing to do, many CEO's on contracts are banned from drinking and smoking MJ publicly and some privately too. Elon doing so, slanders both companies names and makes everyone associate drugs with Tesla, although it's "legal" ( uhhh i hate Tesla Fanboys) it's wrong. Now that Elon will leave, stocks will lower and Tesla might have a Steve Jobs to Apple scenario, but because Tesla is sooo small compared to the stage apple was at, Tesla will most likely go bankrupt. If you say you bought Tesla because of Elon and your gonna cancel your order because he's leaving, you a stupid consumer, who doesn't understand business at all. For someone to buy something because someone is the leader of it is dumb, and you bought a Tesla or buying one for the wrong reasons. You're an unloyal Tesla Fan. Happy buying TSLA stock!!!

  7. Firing Musk would tank the company. There's no person who can replace him. The company would limp for a short period and then every investor would flee. Al Gore, what a joke. He should counter sue the SEC for damages.

  8. I heard from CollegeHumor, Adam ruins everything where they ruine everything by telling you the truth, that does nothing to you except potentially ruin your memory if your under the age of 25

    Of cours this information is controversial, only time will tell what it does to us.

  9. In the words of Elon Musk, (I can't find anyone who can do what I can do and if you can find someone better he can have my job.)

    I believe you was talking about all the technical issues he was having with meeting production demands the model 3

  10. People are putting to much pressure on him, people keep comparing him to Tony Stark. Tesla is in a very bad situation right now, they are getting sued by the FCC for lying about securing funds to become a private company. Elon seems stressed he probably wants to step down but can't.

  11. Elon got his ass kicked by the SEC! I don’t see him staying as CEO much longer after he’s bossed around by the new two independent directors. In addition, big brother committee will be watching his communications. The guy is screwed!

  12. 2018 Saturday September 29th: Elong Musk Resigned As Chairmen Of His Own Company

    Dont worry though, he is still Chief Executive so hes not out yet. He just cant vote on decisions for the company

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