What the Hell is Going On At Newsweek?

SHOW NOTES: Wracked by allegations of ad fraud and tax evasion, Newsweek’s senior editors are resigning and it looks like the whole organization is falling…


  1. We have to realize that Newsweek is no different than RCA. It was a brand name with a good reputation. What did the 41 million takeover of debt buy, just the name, goodwill or were their assets involved? I used the magazine a lot in high school for research on reports but after buying an RCA TV I realized that brand names are not really worth anything.

  2. ….isn`t correction a Good thing?? they are all pretty minor details- ages, etc…hopefully, Newsweek becomes a surprising miracle….who knows… from your title, i expected some sinister revelation….

  3. Government + Business == Corporate Fascism == TYRANNY CORRUPTION CRIMINALITY … no, we are not surprised. But you MUST NOT FORGET, 50% of the population can barely read well enough to even READ the magazine at all, so the 30% above them that CAN are still pretty stupid.

  4. Newsweek recently published a cover story article about the 2013 Boston Marathon attack case by Michele McPhee who has done some really good work on the case in her recent book Maximum Harm.   That's someone you should interview.

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