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As time goes on there are more Bitcoin hard forks every month. Some of them seem to be more legit than others. What do you think about all these forks? Is this healthy for Bitcoin after all?…


  1. WARNING ⚠
    Im having some serious security issues with my ledger since claiming my btg….
    All looks as normal within the btc wallet, but as I tried to send some btc out of my ledger wallet today the ledger wants me to confirm TWO separate transactions?
    The first shows the correct amount and address I'm sending to but the second is an unknown address and amount. Please help, I'm so confused and worried 😯 🤪🤐😵

  2. DO NOT , I REPEAT DO NOT TRUST COINOMI, THEY SCAMMED ME OUT OF 9.2BCH…….they are still stringing me along saying I can restore my Ledger Nano wallet to Coinomi and do a sweep but their instructions are always erroneous. (I emptied the Ledger Nano and don't plan to use the same passphrases again, I had to use them to get my private keys for the BTC and BCH wallets; but the BCH should show in my ledger, I should not have to sweep the wallet in Coinomi) Their instructructions are rushed and all over the place. Basically, their app performs the split then steals your BCH but I managed to convert 5.8 BCH to BTC then send off their shitty scam app before they could steal it. They keep closing my ticket even though they know it is not solved …………what do I expect from a scummy English company though. England and their buddies Nigeria cannot build or create, only rape and steal………..which is why Scotland will never get independence as it has resources they still need to keep raping

    Oh yea, if you want a hardware wallet, use Trezor, worth the extra dosh because Ledger's support team are an illusion, they don't exist…….you are truly on your own because they don't want to hire any staff despite all the business they get and will get and despite all the unemployment in France……..so to hell with them too.

    Cheers again for the video Sunny; glad you are vacating the BCC ponzi scheme .


  3. your thoughts on bcc? is it a tool for bitcoin to be pumping btc, which site do you recommend for buying btc besides gdax? 1Pr97cwX7kvnJTzpk1ArfDJHENSekzQi6Y

  4. What kind of percentage return can you expect on Genesis, without any refferals? when can you expect to break even? Bitcoin, and Etherium too please 🙂


  5. It will be nice if they stop all the forks… sometimes we end up getting some "free" coins… but the "drama" around these and the disruptions are not doing BTC any good…………. 1QCjLttWJ5wmxm8ky7PexYC8AsEDxpmtXY

  6. Looks like btcash used its weight to kill off segWit2x it tried with btgold but at the moment its hanging on….btgold can be kept with btc until the day u need to claim it,… 1JENtiA1agBJcDAn2vG4S2cJRKzEzYRm4M

  7. Wanted to ask if you are still into cloud mining. If yes are they still profitable and which could mining site would you recommend. I started with Hashflare about a few weeks ago and it seems strange that profit projection is getting lesser despite BTC price going up.


  8. i thought this fork has been cancelled and there shall no more forks to come ever. i hate this forks things why not just maintain bitcoin after all it will still prevail in the end 38tatSf4rKtf29L9eEKpNMThvYm3fJmpeg

  9. Fork this fork that, just ways to saturate the market piggy backing on the popularity of BTC , fork is like an new ICO within an already released coin🤔 1Ds6rQ4LPB8Bdyhjs3CTUqGgtLHAbnaarv

  10. sup
    been watching your vids for some time
    what do you think of the Steem platform and how it could possible overcome youtube ?
    keep it up bro

  11. Hey brother, cool video. I've always watched your your videos and never post my wallet address so here it is for a change 🙂 Keep up the great work friend 1EXxXVG7WYX15JrDVF7qPpFyxMPa3C1Vm6

  12. I love bitcoin but yeah 1mb block size speed is slow. So how you make the transaction cheaper? or how to play around with it? 3BYXSbZcWMPHgsoocMuLx84bZogdkBREJ2

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