What stocks are billionaires George Soros, Warren Buffett buying?

FBN’s Kristina Partsinevelos discusses what stocks billionaires George Soros and Warren Buffett are buying.


  1. Jesus, the Mashiah, is a demonstration as a person that  communicates the truth and does assistance to the others, and has more power and strenght, than any billionaire idiot, with power and influence false, that thinks of himself a god all-powerful, but behind him, only lies.

  2. Ok so Soros is increasing and buying up social media platforms that means he can track and get your personal information and control the narrative to what the world can share and think … That's exactly what this means….

  3. Soros is buying stock in the LibroRetardo crowd. They are cheap!! But have to say that the dividends are not good for Soros because the LibroRetardos are useless. They only know how to pout in the streets and break windows. They are making a really big splash!!😅😅😅😅

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