What Is Happening To Litecoin?! Litecoin Will Still Surpass Bitcoin Cash In 2018!

Litecoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole is down right now. Litecoin has received so much hate I decided to discuss litecoin’s future and where I see LTC heading. This FUD is just…


  1. They're scared of all the gains we're going to make and the banks too have seen the writing on the wall!! All the years of taking advantage of the poor is coming to an end! Keep calm and Hodl!!

  2. LTC will for sure hit over $600 this year and that’s a conservative prediction – more than likely surpass that! 2018 will be a great year for holders of LTC, I promise!

  3. Superb video you put out. The rich don’t know that we discovered Cryptocurrency since 2010 and now they are jumping on the bandwagon. How pathetic of them to throw in their niche to Get us to sell our lite coins! Plus I been dying to do this from start and then to throw it away.. they buggin!👍😂

  4. Subscribe sir! Indeed Litecoin would go up for this year. Litecoin has been around for a long time now, Bitcoin Cash just started. A lot people are into Litecoin and for sure the market would surpass BCH this coming months. We just have to trust on the coin and believe at it. It might go down but it still recovers and go back up! It's the same as bitcoin, when I started mining bitcoin, 1 coin was just around $200 – $300 back in 2014 . Now you could see the price of it. It is just how people believe in it and the price for sure would go up! I totally believe in LTC. It would be possible that LTC would be the same as BTC. Anything would be possible, we just have to hold at it, let the market increase and just put faith at it. People need to be involved in the LTC community and for sure things gonna work out. We just have to be in the same page to make things happen.

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    Glad to be here in your channel. Keep up the good work with your videos. Keep it up! 🙂

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