What is Bitcoin Mining?? 💵Is It Profitable In 2018??💵

Today I am talking about what it mean to mine for bitcoin with a computer and how profitable it is!! Link – DISCLAMER **There is always a potential to lose any money…


  1. do not know what to think, for me is a no go because of energy costs and highe cost of equipment that takes too long for amortization.. but in the end all depends by price dynamics! actually i prefer to stake (like deeponion, kucoin shares and neoGAS) and stay long with eth and btc

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  3. I saw a few miners here on YouTube several months back talk about Mr Graham, at first i was skeptical about him but after some time the number of testimonies increased. I decided to give him a shot, now I am great full because i mine btc daily directly to my wallet address as I had follow his instructions for me for assistance on how to get started with bitcoin mining and make good returns feel free to contact him info@grahambitcoinmining. com

  4. Thanks for the tips. I haven't tried mining btc because I was very into profiting from staking and airdrops from other coins like DeepOnion. But I think I would like to try it after DeepOnion airdrop ends.

  5. Dude… the mining ship has sailed as mining is inefficient and expensive. I'd recommend masternodes, but usually when the price increases, it's too late. PoS is the next best, where you can gain cryptos just by keeping your funds in your wallets. I'm staking DeepOnion right now as its price is already marching against the flat BTC value, even when the public airdrop is still not finished.

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