What is Bitcoin MimbleWimble? Programmer explains.

What is MimbleWimble and Grin and why is it so important for Bitcoin? Both Bitcoin Scaling and Bitcoin Privacy.


  1. Thoroughly enjoy your videos.
    Could you make a video comparing the different protocols that aim to provide privacy features to coins? Maybe a difference between zksnarks and mibblewimble to start with?

  2. You really need to slow down, you are rushing through and are so bloody loud! Like you’ve got something to lose if you talk in a bit more of a relaxed manner.. quite frustrating and a bit annoying to listen to despite the quality of the material….. delivery is very important Ivan!

  3. Mimble Wimble sounds so sleazy – best just
    forget BTC and accept that Cardano and EOS are the better techs that are
    actually capable of mass adoption and to be used by billions of people globally
    for daily transactions.

  4. MIMBLE WIMLE / SMASHI SMASH. Such silly names. I would still like a SMASHI SMASH airdrop as it is going to MOOOON! It's highly centralised and therefore highly scalable! Soon, it will overtake Mastercard in number of transactions per second.

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