What is an ETF? What does SEC’s Approval of ETFs means for BITCOIN and CRYPTOCURRENCY?

Mark walks through what an ETF is, how it differs from other types of funds and what the benefits might be for the crypto space. There are resource links below to …


  1. Who is against a Bitcoin ETF and crypto in general? The Bank for International Settlements recently released their annual study/opinion which was not positive regarding crypto. Primarily due to volatility and ultimately due to the fact that the BIS and world banks have not quite figured out how to incorporate and, most importantly control, crypto in a similar if not the same fashion that fiat currency can be controlled and manipulated.
    It is likely just a matter of time before the crypto market stabilizes, to a degree, with a handful of standardized regulated trackable coins to help integrate crypto with traditional credit and finanicial investment platforms. There are many question marks surrounding crypto but goverment, world bank and corporate involvement can certainly help the process of stabilizing the crypto market…I think it is only a matter of time and there are certain projects that are building the type of infrastructure necessary to promote global integration and stability. I do not believe investments and other financial transactions in crypto will adversely affect tax dollars or the value of fiat currencies which are, and wil remain, required for the payment of tax.

  2. basically EFT's are fraud for institutions, to scam millions out of other institutions, which will happen. but consolidate wealth by their own fraud. this is just added fraud this is why the original system does not work for the majority. because they use these regulation bodies to scam people, thats why you can't invest into the scam, because you don't have 25 bitcoin but they do, to invest into a use this as a scam for themselves, thats what they do. this won't really increase the price of bitcoin anymore than the price has already been. the only people pushing this agenda are the people in on the fraud paid by the agents and the agenda to consolidate and manipulate bitcoin for their own ends.

  3. ETF's are opening the door to bitcoin manipulation and fraud. under the guise of pretending they protect you from fraud, but it does not, it protects the corrupt elites with their fraud practices.

  4. insurance companies are not only a scam, they are also leaving themselves open to being scammed themselves, thats everything wrong with the world everyone lives in, insurance is basically a big scam and fraud system, thats why you should be anti ETF's.

  5. Insurance companies are the biggest scam around, the biggest fraud is done by insurance companies, because insurance companies are not necessary and only really about 1% probably need them, it's a rip off, they basically pool most of the people's money together who will never have anything bad happen to them to insure the small percent that do, thats fraud in itself. you never get refunds of the money you gave to them, does not matter what kind of insurance bitcoin, cars, home, it's all the same scam.

  6. if you are insuring peoples cash for losses that is fraud by definition because you are setting up a insurance company to take money off people who may never lose that money if they kept it in their possession, which is also then taking out money that could be invested into the Bitcoin market with-out them, it's adding a middle man to the transactions, i think this has been stated before why would you want someone else in control of your cash and add a middle man with extra costs, just because you are a institution, obviously the hype is about nothing, people are just going to pump this anyway because they need a reason to pump the price. but ETF's are a scam system introduced to bitcoin.

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  8. This was a really good video, thank you. I linked it on my twitter page, because this information is really important right now. The community, instead of posting memes right now on twitter, needs to be stepping up. I'm about to comment myself on the SEC website, so thanks again for that information and the link.

  9. Unfortunately, I feel that your assumptions following the ETF are purely speculative. Although I share your sentiments and hope that this does open the door for the little guys, but if history has taught us anything that will not be the case in this situation. Regardless, I pray it all turns out well.

  10. 9:00 I'm torn because I don't care much for bitcoin needing legitimization from the old guard. Let the retail investors learn about bitcoin like the rest of us have. So what if institutional investors can't buy in. We've gone a decade without them just fine. Either way the value will increase. Question is at what rate.

  11. If anything else Bitcoin ETFs are more likely to get approved this time around than in the past. Let's hope it happens because ETFs alone could pump Bitcoin to $40k or more. That means alt coins could also moon, you could even see $1 tron for example.

  12. Wanting it because somebody lost money is retarded. people should just buy it / mine it/ exchange it/ fuck these criminals getting in the way. And fuck the people just in it for USD

  13. I don't want it to be approved at this time. I strongly agree that it is premature atleast for me…The reason? I am a poor man, belonging to the lowest of the caste, and I am still repositioning myself in the crypto space…pouring almost all my salary every month in the crypto currency…I loved it very much that the cryptos are at the 0.0001 per share. I hate bitcoin, and I will never have one, not good for me bec. its too freaking expensive (for the poor ones atleast)….so I hoped a no vote by the ETF.

  14. Thanks a lot . I tried my best but bit lost a bit , cant find my way to submit a comment. You guys are great if u can make a video on how to comment. That will be really good help . Keep up the good work

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