What is 2G SCAM case all about? Supreme court verdict, Kanimozhi & A Raja Acquitted -Current Affairs

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  1. again sir i would like to say that video is a bit long…you can easily short it down to 10-12 minutes with all the necessary details required..just cutting off the irrelevant things.. thankyo studyiq

  2. m doubtful of cbi. why cbi dint provide proofs then? cbi is controlled by sm1. it also didn't mention 1.7lakh amount.
    or another possibility is the ruling and opposition hav joined hands and foolin us on debates. it's planned for elections tamil nadu. that guy was of aiadmk and now something is fishy.

  3. Every scam which involves BJP and congress works on the basis of 80:20 ratio of money distribution. The party in power keeps 80% of the deal and throws the remaining 20% towards the opposition so that if things go wrong in the future then no matter who is in power, everyone maintains silence.

  4. To be honest the only reason the mobile market grew so rapidly in India which citizens are enjoying now is only because 2 G prices were lower but then there were no countries in world to show that mobile spectrums can be so useful. In Australia prices were 10 times higher to the subscriber and at that price India would never reach the heights it has reached today because of cheap mobile service!

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