1. Reno , Nevado is the closest major city to Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert….and Burning Man is a massive spook-fest. The Acreage…. Google 'The Singularity'……….that's going to take some servers

  2. Wow Ben and JSnip just got their wake-up calls to find they have been tools all along in promoting the One World Currency. OUCH
    Saddle up people. Here comes the UN=EU=FOURTH REICH.
    Now we know who "THEY" Are. The third seal broken and the black horse have come forth.

  3. Litecoin is the biggest pump to dump shitcoin. No wonder Charlie Lee sold all his Litecoin but he didn't sell any of his Bitcoin. Charlie Lee does not believe in holding or owning Litecoin but he does believe in owning and holding Bitcoin.

  4. No treason here. If you underground stand Bible Prophecy you will prosper. Daniel Chapter 2 is an outline of superpowers till the end of the world. Revelation 12 to 18 especially 13 provides details of how the last superpower works, how its financial structure of world dominance is setup. Cryptos are a transition phase of this world dominance system by one power. For the time being we are trading them, prospering from them, but soon once mass adoption hit critical mass we will see how Cryptos/digital money, blickchain will lead us to relinquish our freedom especially once everything is tokenized.

    Tokenization of everything will be the final phase of world dominance of one power. Clue, Fascia in US Congress, and other government buildings.

    Enjoy it for now before it enslave all of us. Its spiritual, not financial.

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  6. Ben – when you say they had to hurry up with the system because a certain person got elected. That implys that the system is build by bad guys. ???? So hopefully they are building the system and wanting it to be centralized – but we stick with the decentralized coins. FK EM

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