WELL Blockchain – Better than Docademic???

WELL is globalizing healthcare and eliminating country borders to directly connect doctors, therapists, psychologists and other healthcare specialists to patients …


  1. There could be lots of winners in this niche, but if I had to put my money down, it would be on Docademic. Proven concept already in over 30 countries and it never hurts to have McAfee leveraging for them….

  2. Nope not better. Docademic is already providing telemedicine services in Latin America, is launching in the USA in July this year and is providing Free emergency psychological services by the end of July. Their ICO saw tokens at well below 10c and they already have a massive marketing campaign lined up which should leverage them into Europe.

  3. Such bad project. Cross-border payment, common. Insurance verification, already well done. Common reputation.. if you really know your stuff, you know there‘s no value added

  4. But how can USA citizens buy it, since they want KYC info?
    We are in the same class as China, N.K., instead of the FREE World, in which citizens are free to choose what to do with their money!

  5. I've got tokens in two medical blockchain projects already. DocCoin and MedicalChain. Yeah, DocCoin does telemedicine. That's the idea. They won't have the whole world covered, so I guess the market is still pretty wide open for WELL. There will be more.

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