Week In Review – TRON Vs Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Price Explosion And Crypto Is A Scam

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  1. almost a year in and my crypto portfolio is down 70% so yeah, crypto feels like a scam….please explain how good news has been coming out all year (far more than in the entire history of crypto) without price movement.

  2. Stable coins pegged to a fiat currency allows governments to continue to "print" as much stable coin as they want. I dont want that trash just like I dont want any cryptos that can make more of (ex: ETH, XLM). Peg a crypto to something real or make it deflationary so it will hold or increase its value

  3. Tron team are heavyweights in the industry. Tron initial investors are industry leaders/execs. Tron community is vibrant and loyal. Tron leader Justin Sun is great at communicating and getting his followers motivated and inspired. Watch out! Tron will move into top 10 then top 6!! Get while it's cheap. Otherwise, you will cry and be VERY depressed.

    Didi Kuaidi is the result of a merger between China's two biggest native car-hailing companies, Didi Dache and Kuaidi Dache. Like Lyft and Uber, it lets users hail a ride from their phone.

  5. Roubini wasn’t the one to discover that the housing market was going to crash, he received information from the genius who first started to short the market. Then his team did the leg work to confirm so they too could take short positions. His insight into crypto is therefore without merit 🤷🏾‍♂️. He was in the right place at the right time.

  6. 36:54 I can't wait until these government stable coins fall short of their anylists forecasting as a result of no one wanting to use them. But but Mr. Senator it's crypto, that means lambo's and moon right?!

  7. Tron is heavily funded by our man in China. So is Elastos which is ironic with Tron buying bittorrent. Secondly with China being the largest holder of BTC I wonder how they will leverage BTC both in their single belt initiative and for the success of their blockchain products. Like with the single belt initiative they are giving loans to countries that can not pay them back.These countries might start using btc along with their new influence with the unbanked in africa.
    If btc goes through the roof you can afford the best scientists in any field of study.

  8. I was somewhat indifferent in regards towards TRX I traded it here and there. However recently I actually see what TRX is trying to do and truly believe that they will be around in 3-5 years which is a lot more that can be said about many other projects. Currently buying TRX and will ad on dips as a long term holding.

  9. The big upcoming announcement from Tron will be news that a so called "partner" has joined forces with them. In actuality Justin Sun and Tron has paid a big retailer to accept their shitcoin as a form of payment under the guise of a partnership. Eventually Tron goes to zero. Anyone with common sense knows it. It's a pump coin that would already be worthless if it wasn't for the constant tweeting by Justin Sun to the dumb money of crypto.

  10. Neews lately want to create alot of fear st once to make the market capitulate and let the weak hands FODL before the bottom is in. Stay strong friends and HODL on. Ur future depends on it.

  11. 100% agree the reason all govt is creating their own stable coins to be used as their countries currency! IMO this is bc they know a huge economic crash is just over the horizon and all fiat will likely hyper inflate and devalue to 0 and they are creating these "stable coins" in prep and move people to their countries crypto.

  12. They want to show they are in control and it must be done the way they want, when they want. Thats my frustration they are paid by us to do everything for them not for us.

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