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  1. The US govt would subsidize clothes lines if man made climate change was real. Or install trains along the interstates to reduce drivers between big cities. Obama took 900 people to a climate change conference. LOL. It's BS!

  2. In the UK we have been paying Carbon Tax on all fossil fuels used for electricity production since the 1990s. It has doubled the cost of our electricity but China and India are exempt. We now pay a Carbon Tax of £44 / tonne on coal. This is separate to the CO2 cap and trade policy and I can not remember exactly how that worked but I think we were paying £30 / tonne for CO2. Those companies that had a sizeable Carbon footprint were taxed on the estimated amount of CO2 produced. This was collected by an international body, possibly the World Bank, or you could buy Tax Credits off them to offset your Carbon footprint. I think both the CO2 Tax and the Carbon Tax are scams! They were a means of transferring our wealth and industries to China and India which has happened. We should sue for the return of the trillions we were charged!

  3. C02 is a product of warming not the other way around. The C02 scam goes way beyond the tax scam. It is a fundamental corruption of science perpetrated by IPCC and governments that want to squeeze more $$ out of the masses.

  4. i would thinking about etc, there is something bigger going on there. bitcoin cash aswell. when a chain has splitt like this, i feel its good to have the supposed "looser" our world is controlled by evil, should not assume the side that won the splitt at first where the good guys

  5. I read the U.N carbon tax doccuments years ago, total scam. Large companies could "buy" the privilege to do more so called carbon producing activities, it is the scam of the century. Anything that criminal hypocrite Al Gore behind is a scam.

  6. Doesnt take a genius to see that a so called climate accord that USA isnt involved in , that permits china and india to build more coal fired plants isnt about saving anything…canada emits 1.6 % of global carbon emissions, factor in our forests and its debatable we even emit more than our forests negate ..a total cash grab. Hiding , then redacting the escalating costs to canadians should make it obvious, leave it to liberals to enact a plan that has a track record of corruption while doing practically nothing to change anything. Wynne was bounced and Trudeau will be too , but not before he continues his globalist agenda…he is nothing short of a treasonous poser

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